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Oct 31, 2007 09:41 AM

Fresh poblanos... Now what?

At the organic farmers' market yesterday, I picked up a bag of six poblanos because, well, they just looked so damn sexy. I've never used them before. Any suggestions? Recipes?

Thanks, hounds!

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  1. Lucky! Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner includes these stuffed peppers (either poblanos or anaheim)...Roast them until skin blisters, and let them rest wrapped in towel for a few minutes, then peel. Carefully cut a slit in each pepper, and remove seeds and veins.
    Mix a nice creamy goat cheese, some shredded monterey jack or other "melty" Mexican cheese, add a lot of chooped cilantro, chopped sun dried tomatoes, and maybe some pine nuts. Mix it up, and gently stuff the peppers. Dip the peppers in eggwash, and then roll in yellow corn meal. Fry in a little oil over medium heat, getting all sides nice and crunchy. YUM! I make these ahead, as they keep great in the frig or freezer.

    1. The first step is to remove the skin - the basics have discussed number of times: burn/blister the skin, let them 'steam', wash/rub the skin off. I like using a gas flame, others use the broiler or grill.

      Keeping them whole, stuffing, and frying in batter is one use that makes use of the shape and size.

      But if after peeling you have trouble keeping them from tearing, cut them up and use them in other ways. One use is as 'rajas', strips, in a creamy sauce. You could use the peeled strips (or dice) much as you would pimentos (peeled bells), or canned green chilies. The peeled peppers also freeze well.

      Taste a sliver of each one to get an idea of how hot they are. Poblanos can vary quite a bit in their heat.


      1. Char, peel and devein as directed in the other posts. Slice into strips and add to a cheese quiche filling. If you want a recipe look in Rose Levy Berenbaum's Pie and Pastry Bible.

        1. My weekday night recipe for stuffed poblanos:

          cut the tops off the peppers, remove veins and seeds.
          Mix 1 can of refried black beans with lime juice with 1 package of farmer's cheese (or if you're lucky, some crumbly mexican cheese of some sort)
          Spoon bean mixture into peppers and prop up in baking dish
          Cover with can of tomatoes and chiles. Bake at 350 Fahrenheit until peppers are soft.

          Another thing I'll do is put thick pork chops in the baking dish first, then use them to prop up the peppers (works way better) and smother the whole mess in the tomatoes and chiles and bake until the pork is cooked through. :)

          I don't worry about removing the skin in either of these instances.

          1. Chile Rellenos for sure!

            Here's a thread all about them- I made these over and over this summer when the Poblanos were ready.

            Scroll down to a little more than halfway- and I wrote a whole CR dissertation.