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Oct 31, 2007 09:39 AM

What to do with sage...

Organic buying club gave me a bunch and I don't use it much in my cooking. I know it is such a wonderful and fragrant thing...but I just have never experimented with it much. I usually use it for polenta. Today I was thinking of trying a pesto...but what else???

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  1. Saute up some onions or leeks in olive oil till nice and soft and starting to carmelize then toss in a handfull of chopped sage and some diced up proscuitto. Use this as a pasta sauce and sprikle on some parmesan or as a pizza topping by topping a crust with fontina cheese then this mixture and sprinkle with parmeson and bake.


    1. Yes, it's excellent when you get it slightly crispy in browned butter, then serve over pasta. It's also great for putting under chicken skin before roasting. It works well with poultry, pork, and lamb.

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        "it's excellent when you get it slightly crispy in browned butter, then serve over pasta"

        Especially when the pasta is squash-stuffed ravioli.

      2. Check out this thread from earlier in the month:

        Searching the board for sage will turn up many more ideas.

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        1. Someone was asking recently about favorite Marcella Hazan recipes. This one, for spareribs with sage, is one of mine:

          1. You can fry it in a very light batter. You can make sage - butter sauce for pasta. Add it to roast potatoes or on roast chicken. I would not recommend a pesto, I think it is too strongly flavoured. I think its a great herb, but use it in moderation, because if you add too much to a dish, I find that it just overpowers it.