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Oct 31, 2007 09:21 AM

Late-ish dinner for 2 (10pm) - post BAM event?

Looking for a great restaurant somewhat nearby BAM (Brooklyn Acadamy of Music). Park Slope, Carol Gardens, and Ft. Greene are all OK, I think...

We like to eat virtually everything so cuisine is not much of an issue (we do tend to enjoy having some light options - fish, etc.). Pricepoint (w/ wine) is very flexible too but it would ideally be less than $70/pp.

The list of restaurants I've pulled together includes:
-Al Di La
-Rose Water
-Frankies Spuntino

Any thoughts?

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  1. Pretty wide variety of places on your list. I can speak to a few of them. I love Saul, and depending on what night you'll be eating, they do a $30 three course price fixe that would leave you some cash for a nice bottle of wine. Applewood is also very good. Lucali's is much much more casual, excellent pizza but they don't service wine so you'd have to BYOB. Most of the places you list have an upside, but probably the best food is at Saul, Applewood and Al Di La (Frankie's and Lucali's also very good but more casual).

    1. I love Lucali, but think it would be too late to eat at that time. I have been turned away earlier because they were not accepting any more names. You can always call before heading over and they will let you know if they are still serving/have space/putting names on a list.

      I don't love Rosewater, which I have only been to once but was unimpressed with the food overall and have not returned. The space was small-ish but nice, but they were out of some items and what I did order was pretty bland. Others in my party thought their food was okay. The bread was tasty.

      My experience at Frankie's was also underwhelming, but I think I will try it again. It has been over a year since eating there so I don't remember enough about the food to offer specifics. Our service was fine there and only had to wait about fifteen minutes to be seated. Not sure if it will be more or less crowded at the late hour.

      I think Joya is only okay, but I have only had take out so maybe eating in is better? I prefer Song, their sister restaurant in Park Slope.

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        For late nights (think after 11), our standby is Blue Ribbon Brooklyn. I've been there eating at 12.30 - 1 in the morning and they are still hopping. Price point is right around where you are looking.

      2. Stonehome Wine Bar pulls a decent post-theater crowd. I think they're open until midnight during the week and 1am on the weekends.

        Epoca, the new place on Fulton Street is also open on the slightly later side.


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