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Oct 31, 2007 09:14 AM

Restaurant Gems in Enid OK?

Anyone here from the Enid area? I've been looking for a good place to eat in this town that is pretty good food that is cheap enough to eat at regularly for those of us on a budget. I really like Callahan's food, but they are too expensive to eat there 3x per week, and the service is only so-so...*mad* The first time I had excellent service and the next.....let's just say I had a LOOOOONG wait for my food to arrive, no one refilled my drink, and the waitress hovered expectantly as though she thought she deserved a tip for her LACK of service....I WAS a waitress, so I know what kind of service deserves what kind of tip--and I'm very lenient/generous.....*mad* Sorry, end of rant.

Back to the original question--ideas? Anyone? Thanks in advance!!

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  1. For great, resonable Mexican try: LaSalsa Mexican Food - 1732 S. Van Buren

    You won't believe it but the Deli at Jumbo Foods is fantastic with specials everyday: Jumbo Foods (West) (you can eat there or take out) 2311 West Willow

    For a great hamburger old fashioned: Lot-A-Burger - 310 W. Willow

    If you like a Chinese buffet try: Imperial China - 518 S. Van Buren

    For more restaurants and info even reviews see:

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      Excuse cross-posting!

      This thread is probably abandoned, but--

      Port Lugano on S. Van Buren is good. They have a very good caesar salad and tomato soup. More importantly, they seriously have the best latte you'll ever drink. I don't know why--God knows Enid is not gourmet central--but Port Lugano's latte is kick-ass. They have a really high-end cool copper espresso machine and the owner is Swiss (I think), and altogether you'll be pleasantly surprised by their stuff.

      Also, I haven't been to Enid in a couple years, but when I was last there I went to a Mexican place on Garriott called Playa Azul that was good--way better than the chain crap in town.