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Oct 31, 2007 09:12 AM

Where to eat around UM-St. Louis?

It's hard to believe that there are no good restaurants and coffee shops near a booming campus, but from my experience the pickings are slim. Does anyone know any hidden gems near the University of Missouri - St. Louis campus?

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  1. If you like Greek food, Spiro's has some pretty good dishes. I like their salads and appetizers, but I believe the dinner menu is pretty extensive.

    1. There are two relatively new places and both are great. One is a coffee house called Art-T Cafe, on Natural Bridge right before the campus entrance (near the Greek place). They are working to expand their menu, which is decent, but the coffee is great. They serve Northwest Beans, which is one of my favorites for fresh-roasted coffee. Also, it's a comfortable place to work -- nice seating, quiet, with free wi-fi.

      Then there is Oscar's, a new restaurant also on Natural Bridge, a bit further East. It has a very high-end dinner menu, with prices to reflect that, but it's very good food, well worth it. And the real surprise is the lunch menu -- very affordable, very diverse. I work on campus and I really hope both places stay in business, because it's true that there is very little around for a Chow Hound.

      1. Sweetie Pie's
        9841 W Florissant Ave
        Saint Louis, MO 63136
        Phone: 314-521-9915

        Sweetie Pie's serves up some excellent soul food in a caferia like setting on W. Florissant. The food is quite good and well prepared. Do not expect a 4* white tablecloth restaurant.