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Oct 31, 2007 09:10 AM

Lowfat dessert recipes please!

I'd like to bring something homemade for Thanksgiving dessert at my mom's. She is on a low fat diet as is my grandfather. Nothing Jello based, please! They like cakes and cobblers, but any suggestions are appreciated. Oh yeah, it needs to travel well, too. I need to travel from Jersey to Maryland with it (about four hours). Thanks for the help!

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  1. Angel food cake. You can add pumpkin spices if you want.. or bring a can of pumpkin and a pack of pudding or something and make FF pumpkin cream (my mom usually makes cheesecake jello pudding per the recipe and adds pumpkin + spices to taste, you can probably find something nicer for whipped pumpkin recipes (ff cream cheese or box of mor-nu low fat tofu would probably travel better..?!) if you want, but adding a little pumpkin to this pudding tasted good to me) for on top. You'll need to find some milk upon reaching your destination, but it's totally fat free & so tasty..

    1. * Crepes with farmer's cheese and apple filling (the Moosewood low-fat cooking book has a great recipe); get creative with the fillings: quince, pumpkin, plums...Let me know if you need the recipe (you could make the crepes in NJ, then assemble and bake them in Maryland).

      * The same Moosewood book has a peach and blueberry cobbler recipe that could work, too: a little too dry for my taste when I last made it, but definitely low-fat.