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Oct 31, 2007 09:00 AM

barcelona - good food/good air?

My man and I are going to be in Barcelona for a week in November, and I wanted to see if anyone has advice about places that have really good food that is not likely to be spoiled by too much cigarette smoke?

I know smoking is not highly regulated there, but I have no idea how they handle this issue in restaurants, especially at high end places. I would hope they recognise that smoky air obscures the best culinary efforts, but I'm not sure.

The crux is I don't want to spend 100e each on a meal if most of what I'll taste is smoke from surrounding tables. Any relevant experiences to share?

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  1. If you go to almost any newstand, you can for one euro buy a copy of the weekly local entertainment guide, The Guia del Ocio. It has restaurant listings that tend to include most of the high end places. Among the symbols in each brief listing is one indicating whether or not they permit smoking. There's some variation among the top places. I am not sure how accurate the listing is as a guide to what you'll actually encounter, but you can be sure that the places that say they permit smoking will indeed do so!

    1. I was in Barcelona recently and though I am very sensitive to smoke I did not find it to be a problem. I went to Cinq Sentits, La Dama, Senyor Parellada and Alkimia and saw almost no one smoking. Perhaps the best restaurants attract serious foodies who are less likely to smoke. I think some restaurants have non-smoking sections, but I never found it necessary to inquire. It's always a good idea to reserve ahead anyway, so if you are really worried, you can make your concern known. I hope you have a great time. It's a wonderful city.

      1. Please note that since Jan 1st 2006 all restaurants of +100 m2 have to be non smoking or have a separte room for smokers (no under 16 old alowed into this area).

        You will have absolutely no problem with smoke although not all resatuarnts comply the rules.

        1. thank you all for the feedback and tips - I am relieved and more excited than ever to get over there!