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Oct 31, 2007 08:40 AM

Romance around College Park?

Alright, I've gotten all the recommendations regarding places where I can get some cheap grub, some good food, and some interesting tastes around college park. But where can I go for romance and intimacy? I'm looking for good food, quiet romantic atmosphere, prices ranging from $15.00 a person to $45.00 a person. I want that restaurant with dimly lit candles, a warm soft atmosphere, some place where the mood is quiet, intimate, and personal. Good food is key in this case, ironically, Firefly in Dupont would hit the spot nicely if not for the fact that on any friday-sunday night that place is packed, lively and loud. Location wise I want it anywhere within a short driving distance from College park, or a metro ride with minimal change overs/distance to travel.

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