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Oct 31, 2007 08:16 AM

Palace Grille in Auburn Hills, MI

Has anyone been to the Palace Grille inside the Palace of Auburn Hills? If so, is it worth the price and would you recommend it, and if not, anything else nearby that you would?

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  1. It's pricey and good, not great. The main benefit is that you are there and don't have to worry about being late for the event. They have a buffet upstairs that's not bad, again the benefit is being there already. I don't live far from there and there isn't too much close that I would risk being late or parking out in the back forty.
    If I were attending something there, I would just eat there and avoid the hassle. I think you might get better parking if you tell them you have reservations.
    One more thing....they start taking reservations one month ahead of the event; like a concert/

    1. a place not too distant from the palace that is certainly worth trying is lelli's on opdyke and featherstone. i recommend the surf n turf. not certain but i think they have a free shuttle to the palace.

      1. I had dinner at Palazzo di Bocce a few months ago, it was pretty good and an interesting atmosphere (watching people play bocce next to the restaurant.)