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Oct 31, 2007 07:57 AM

I've been sick! Want a yummy dinner for Sat and have no clue!

The indications on my antibiotic say it can affect brain function, and make it hard to make up my mind.(It also says it can make me suicidal, or can make my tendons rupture!)

My husband feels sorry for me, and offered to take me to anywhere not Providence or Spago or Valentino I want to go. But I just can't make up my mind!

I've been thinking about lots of places:

Senior Fish
China Islamic
Food from Mitsuwa
Ganga Din
Sabor A Mexico
The New Peruvian place in the Valley, Lima
El Katroclcho (Sp?)
Follow Your HEart
Yum CHa
Vallarta's Prepped foods
that vegetarian bar across form Scoops
Hummus Bar
Alexis Greek Cafe

Gosh! anything new and cool? I sort of want comforty good food.Burritos, hummus and baba ganooj, bao, sushi, eggplant, Breakfast? I dunno

Anyone have any clue where my poor addled self would enjoy? Anything new and fun?

Senior Fish?


Oh, I live in the SFV, but Pasadena, Glendale, Hollywood, West Hollywood, SM, Venice, West La and such are not out of the question.

It took me half an hour to write this, because I keep forgetting the names of places and words for food!

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  1. don't rack your poor, addled brain honey. If he feels really sorry for you he'll figure out the place! btw, have you tried Orris?

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    1. re: budlit

      I think I'll second that. You can check out Orris and see if that's what you want right now (


      Also, after I'm sick I usually go to Curry House (there's one on Sawtelle but I believe it's also somewhere around Arcadia or something). Ideal comfort food for me :) nice big plate of curry

      Also, if you like spicy/korean food, go to Beverly Soon Tofu in K-town. That's also one of my personal comfort food.

      1. re: burumun

        mmmm...what other Korean places are there?

        Also, how is canele?

    2. Diana, I wasn't going to reply because the word "yummy" grates on my nerves, but the mother in me feels sorry for you so I will.

      I'd go to Osteria Mozza at opening time and grab a seat at the mozzarella bar and order everything my heart desired, especially the ricotta and egg ravioli in brown butter, and the grilled octopus, and the oriechette with sausage and kale.

      For a less expensive and Japanese option, I'd pick Musha and order the seared mackerel, pork belly and parmesan risotto.

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      1. re: whatsfordinner

        thanks. The "Yummy" is just coming from me being sick and feeling sorta in need of comfort!

        1. re: whatsfordinner

          LOL! I agree with your sentiment about the word "yummy" but was always afraid to say something about it.

          Two weeks ago I got caught some sort of unknown bug with symptoms I had never had before. I ate my lone packet of kimchi ramen, and it made me feel better instantly. I headed to a Korean market to get a decent-sized jar of some homemade kimchi and went on a kimchi-and-rice kick for a day. That bug was gone. Kimchi cures all!

        2. My vote on your list is for Fraiche. But if you're feeling sick, nothing like spicy Thai food to whip your taste buds back into shape. Jitlada in Thai Town is a good option; try their spicy Southern Thai curries.

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          1. re: LatinGuy

            Sadly, I have to give Thai food a miss. To often nuts sneak in,and I'm allergic!

          2. Not on your list, but I'll throw in a rec for Hatfield's. I find the place immensely comforting.

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              1. re: Diana

                Hamachi Croque Madame is my favorite dish there, and the branzino. They have great specials. The menu is seasonal and changes all the time. Killer desserts too.

                I haven't been, but Bashan in Glendale has been getting rave reviews here.

                1. re: hrhboo

                  I want something so warm and yummy. I don't know, I still feel lousy.

                  Anyone been to Literati II lately?

                  1. re: Diana

                    I was there last in March and it was bad enough that I haven't been back.

                    1. re: Diana

                      I think it's much better for lunch than for dinner.

              2. When I'm sick I try to stay away from fish- my comfort foods are more like mac and cheese and mashed potatoes! Someone plugged Hatfields which is nice and quiet and has great follow up desserts for a good meal! Also, Bashan Restuarant in Glendale is nice.

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                1. re: PrettyPlaty

                  hatfield's and Bashan sound good.

                  Someone I know mentioned Skaf's, or Chili My soul.

                  Gosh, this is hard, thanks everyone for being so nice about my addledness!

                  What about Senior Fish's potato tacos?

                  i also crave really good bread, either corn bread or artisan bread, to go along with my food (If I don't get a burrito!)

                  Would China Islamic work?

                  Thanks again, everyone! I now I'm not everyone's favorite poster, but the recs alone are making me feel a little better! It's nice that you guys care!

                  1. re: Diana

                    Love that Hatfield's and Chili My Soul can be weighed for the same one meal choice. Hmm...Pink's or Cut? Casa Bianca or Mélisse?

                    It's a testament to the much-maligned quality of L.A. dining, and to the real heart of Chowhound: good food is good food.

                    Feel better, Diana. And get your potato tacos at Loteria with a watermelon aguas fresca, and I promise, all will be well in the world.

                    1. re: wutzizname


                      I agree with you, price or atmosphere or locations be damned, good food in LA is good, no matter what!