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Oct 31, 2007 07:49 AM

Visit to Long Island

chowhound from Florida going to visit family on the Island during Thankgiving week. I saw a recent show on the Foodnetwork (Ian Garten- Barefoot C) about wild mushrroms. She mentioned a wild mushroom grower on the south fork. Any clues of the address. Also looking for fun lunch and happy hour places on the eastern part of the Island. Riverhead, Calverton, Shirley etc.

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  1. She was probably talking about this grower. He was at the Easthampton Farmers Market next to Nick and Tonis every Weds this summer, but don't know if they're still doing it this time of year.

    Riverhead, fun lunches, most have bars too: Digger O'Dells (Irish pub), Athens Grill (great fresh homemade Greek, have wine and beer), Michaels on the Boardwalk (more upscale but not too expensive), Cliff's Rendevous (great burgers and steak), Jerry and the Mermaid (funky seafood/bar), Taqueria Mexico (small homemade Mexican joint, no alcohol), Farm Restaurant (cute lunch place with nice view), these are all in town. Farther north, J&R Steak in Calverton has an active happy hour I've heard, and good deals on food; and Cooperage Inn in Baiting Hollow has a nice atmosphere since you're looking for "fun", although the food's not quite what it used to be. Not that it's terrible!