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Oct 31, 2007 07:02 AM

need recommendations near Ritz Carlton

Hi all - coming from Philadelphia tomorrow and I have a 2 hour window between 4pm and 6 to get some chow. Staying at the Ritz Carlton and I don't have a car so looking for something on foot or I can cab to. Would prefer recommendations for Southwest / Mexican variety. I will also have time on Friday from 6pm to 8.


** I did do a search but the information was old so I am seeing if anything has changed **

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  1. Swing down the street to Padre's, you won't be disappointed. Its casual, upscale Mexican with great drinks and atmosphere. I love it there.

    1. About two miles down the road is Vincent's on Camelback, a place that has received acclaim for many, many years. While your two hour Friday window probably won't be enough time for dinner, I'd go have a bowl of their lobster bisque and a duck tamale and call it an evening.

      About the same distance down 24th St is El Nopalito, a true dive if you're staying at the Ritz. Great salsas, street tacos ($.99) and variety of other Mexican items. I don't believe they serve beer or wine, so take that into consideration.

      If you want to skip the cab and walk, there is Sam's Cafe across the street in the Biltmore Fashion Park (you can take the new underground-walkway over there) in the east end of the complex. It's southwestern for the unadventurous, but I wander over the occasionally for their outstanding chips and salsa and margaritas.

      I also couldn't give rec's in this area w/o mentioning a true gem within a stone's throw from the Ritz, Au Petit Four, a French bakery and cafe. The pastries are wonderful, as are their sandwiches and paninis, and they now serve beer and wine.

      Enjoy your stay, the weather is beautiful.

      El Nopalito
      2831 N 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008

      Au Petit Four Ltd
      2501 E Camelback Rd # 18, Phoenix, AZ

      Sam's Cafe
      2566 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

      Vincent On Camelback
      3930 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

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        Assuming you mean the Phx Ritz, I would say go to El Nopalito. They do serve beer - not sure on alcohol, but beer if a definite.

        The al pastor and shrimp tacos are to die for (very close to what you would get in Mexico) and everything is very good.

        Be warned - VERY divey. Vincent's would be much better if you seek a finer dining experience. :)

        Also, presuming you can get a cab, the wait for one from El Napolito will be long. Phx is not a cab town. I would either pay to have the driver wait, or call for a new cab as soon as you are seated.

        Or, the Ritz has a town car service - not sure on price and if you have an expense acct, but that is a good option for speediness and convenience.


      2. I take it you are talking about the Phoenix Ritz? I know there's one in the Vegas area too, but it's pretty far off the beaten path.

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        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

          Richardson's at 16th and Bethany Home is a board favorite and consistently good new mexican food, or Arriba is also new mexican at Camelback and 18th St. More of a family place with Sonoran style NM dishes. For straight Sonoran burros and chimis Ajo Al's on Camelback and 16th is good, but has had some bad press lately for cleanliness. I've eaten there many times and had no issues though.
          Richardson;s is your best bet close to the Ritz, probably a $5 cab ride.

        2. There is also a Chevy's across the street from the hotel. Do NOT go there unless you enjoy chain Tex Mex.

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          1. re: kmarg

            please don't go to chevy's, sorry. I wen to padres the other night. I was fabulous!! I ordered he black bean soup and raved for hours. It is filling and huge. Very nice atmoshere. Coming from Philly I highly reccomend. It is an independent and comfortable great food and drinks. You will need to cab it.

            Houstons is decent and you can foot it. Also mccormick and schmicks has a happy hr 5-7 or 4-6? decent not great but can foot it.