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Oct 31, 2007 07:02 AM

Manny's Grill in Queens

Dined at Manny's Grill , Cuban/Spanish restaurant in Glen Oaks, Queens this weekend and the food was horrible. We ordered the baked porkchops with yellow rice and red beans. The porkchops, although tender, were tasteless and the yellow rice tasted like goya yellow rice from the box. This place has gone down hill.

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  1. I concur. I went about 6 months ago after reaading good reviews of Manny's. Tasteless describes it very well.

    Take a ride out to Pollos Mario in Hempstead or Tierras Columbianas in Jackson Heights / Astoria. If it's Cuban you're rally after, El Rincon Criollo in Jackson Heights on Junction Blvd can't be beat - pricewise and tastewise.

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      Gotta third it, really wanted to like the place, the owner couldn't have been nicer. But nothing I had tasted CUBAN. Just returned from Miami, and had my fill there, everything Cuban I've ever had in NY just pales in comparison to the many options in Miami...