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Oct 31, 2007 06:58 AM

Park Hyatt rooftop lounge

i have never been here, but heard it has a great view of toronto. is the patio open even when it is cold out? can you still see the view if you remain inside? are there any drinks that are better to order than others? thanks!

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  1. I've been and it's a lovely spot, esp. in winter. It is very dark with heavy wood furniture, dark carpets, etc. I don't believe you can go onto the patio. I think that was discontinued a few years ago but definitely not in the winter. We've had french martini's, scotch, wine, sherry....they also put out a very nice selection of complimentary nuts at the table. We also had some nibbles, club sandwich and burgers, which were very good. Not cheap though, but a great way to spend an afternoon. It was quite quiet when we went last winter.

    1. Only ever gone in the summer (when the terrace is open). Great martinis, but at $20 a pop drink slowly

      1. You do have access to the patio even in winter, if you want to step outside to see the city. You could probably even bring a drink for sipping, but they discontinue table service when it gets cold.

        Millygirl's description is apt, but I'd add that they have a fireplace, which makes it especially hospitable in winter. It can feel a little old-man stuffy, but I kinda like that.

        I find their cocktails good, but not outstanding (I admit to having a secret weakness for their lychee "martinis"... say what you will), and they are expensive. They do bring one of those great little silver trays with almonds, olives and high-end party mix for snacking. One of my favourite spots in the city.

        1. thanks for the info! i was debating whether to take a friend to the rooftop lounge or to panorama. i was in no way set on panorama (haven't been there in a few years, but didn't remember it being that great in cold weather). i think i'll try this place out!

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            It looks like you're set, but if you're on the hunt for places with good views, type " view " in the search field of the places hub here -

            you should come up with close to a dozen places with nice views.

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              cool!! Although the first time I tried this I typed in 'nice view' and got nothing. Good lesson, better to keep brief. Thanks Jamie

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                neat. learned something new! thanks :)

            2. Their mixoligist makes a mean martini. The drinks available change regularly since, hey, what's the point of being a mixoligist if you can't show it off.

              It does indeed have one of the most breathtaking views of Toronto. We lucked into it one Sunday afternoon during the air show at the CNE. Incredible vantage point. You don't get the view if you stay indoors so bundle up.