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Oct 31, 2007 06:29 AM

IHOP - pumpkin, carrot cake and cheesecake "pancakes"

Anyone tried these yet?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. No, but I love their crepes. I recommend the Swedish rendition (involving lingonberries.) Their "Garden stuffed crepes" covered with hollandaise are very tasty.

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      1. re: Sharuf

        Stay away from the "cheese crepes". I was hoping for a variety of cheeses, as they had promised, but they were filled with cottage cheese only and the generic strawberry sauce. My partner had the chicken and veggie crepes and they were delicious, though.

        I'm dying to try IHOP's pumpkin pancakes!

        Has anyone tried the new corn ones yet?

      2. We took our grandkids and mom to IHOP Saturday night. They'd been in EPCOT all day so both kids (and we three adults) were hungry. Our 6 yr old grandson and Nana ordered the pumpkin pancakes -- very. very good, no syrup needed. Mom ordered the cheesecake pancakes. . . and she wanted more. Never have I seen pancakes eaten as quickly as there were -- and without butter or syrup. We were told the carrot cake ones are good too, but we are not walnut eaters. Go and try them all - they are really good!!

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        1. re: dovebug

          thanks, dovebug, that's ALL i needed to get over to IHOP! the only choice, which one first? didn't you sample the cheesecake ones your mom ordered? did the server comment on their popularity? did it say "limited time" on the menu?

        2. Yup, had them last night. Yummy!!! I was torn between them and the pumpkin ones. I'm on line now searching for a recipe :)

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          1. re: scootermom

            I had the pumpkin pancakes yesterday and there were delicious. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone that needs their pumpkin fix this time of the year.