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Apr 29, 2006 02:37 PM

San Mateo report

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Thanks to all you local hounds that made my three days a gastronomic delight earlier this week.

As reported earlier, lunch Mon. and dinner Tues. at OPLS was everything I'd hoped for.

Monday evening went to Silver House after calling earlier to verify that they had the razor clams. Also ordered the salt & pepper shrimp (w/ heads on), which didn't seem very spicy (per the waiters description) but pretty tasty none the less. The razor clams were fantastic, couldn't believe the amount of meat in each one, the bahk cherk ha dipping sauce was stellar, would love to know how to make it, seems like soy kicked up with thin slices of pepper (jalapeno?) ginger, lemongrass, maybe some rice wine. I wished I'd ordered the clams in black bean sauce instead of the shrimp.

Tuesday morning had a super breakfast at Nini's, biscuits and gravy special with two eggs on the buttermilk biscuits, smothered with the nice sausage and peppery gravy, well done potatoes with onions and peppers. This place is a classic, corner neighborhood joint where everyone seems to know everyone else. Nice little garden area out back. From the menu it appears they must do a pretty good lunch business as well.

I was able to avoid the plastic box sandwich lunches that were provided at College of San Mateo. Tuesday wanted to hit Shanghai East but they were closed so instead ended up at Joy Luck Place for some very nice dim sum, wished I'd had a few companions to be able to sample a better variety. Got the shrimp dumplings, shrimp wrapped in the rectangular rice flour (?), spicy eggplant, a triangular dumpling filled with greens, and fried shrimp balls. The latter seemed a little on the dense side, but the flavors of all were very good.

Wed. am was tempted to hit Nini's again just for the straight B&G, but had to check out of the hotel and get some more work done before heading back up to CSM.

Again, opted to pass on the plastic box lunches and instead work through the lunch hour, managing to finish up about 1:30 and head back to Shanghai East. Finally got my introduction to xiao long bao, I'm hooked, can't wait to try the crab versions that have been mention.
Also ordered the jia jiang mein, what flavors, can anyone tell me what's in this dish?

That little stretch of 25th street looks like it might house a number of interesting places. Looking forward to going back.

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  1. Thanks for reporting back.

    Glad you liked Silver House and their razor clams dish. Next time you go get the razor clams stir fried in black bean sauce. Not on the menu but you can request it to be done that way, which is an alternate to the regular smaller sized manilla clams black bean sauce. Heck I bet they can even do it Taiwanese/Hakkanese style, which is stir fried with basil (Golden Mountain in Hayward does a superb version with the regular manilla clams). That would be an interesting custom order at Silver House with the razors...

    1. Glad to see the rewards of chowhounding! Here's an old thread on zha jiang mian that will give you the ins and outs. (The pronunciation of "zha" is very close to "jia".)