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Oct 31, 2007 05:49 AM

German food near DFW

My mother is coming tomorrow and LOVES good German food. Last time she was here we went to the Black Forest Bakery in Dallas. Anything closer in the mid-cities area?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Kuby's in Snyder Plaza across from SMU. It has been there since the 60's and I've been going since the late 80's. They make all of their own sausages and you can't go wrong. Not the mid-cities but worth the drive.

    1. For sit down the only options that I am aware of are Kuby's and Black Forest. I personally like Henks Black Forest better. For to go try they are located in Southlake and have a huge variety of items that no place else around DFW has.

      1. Bavarian Grill in Plano. SH 190 now means that getting to the airport is a hop, skip and a jump. Many of us in TX walk it. It only takes ten minutes by car, plus traffic time, which is usually about three hours.

        1. Kuby's and are very good but I would recommend trying Greenwood's in Fort Worth. Its on Bluebonnet Circle where University Drive ends. You won't have to deal with Dallas traffic! Plus it's excellent.

          1. Kuby's is probably tops for wurst. Jorg's Cafe Vienna is probably the best for schnitzel and pretzels. Henks is a distant third of that trio. So sayeth my full-blooded German wife (who has only lived in the States for a few years) and I tend to agree based on my eating in Germany while visiting her family and friends.

            But, other folks will like places for different reasons.

            Not all are mid-cities, but you gotta drive a bit for good food.