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Oct 31, 2007 05:44 AM

Regional Restaurant West 90s??

Friends are coming to NYC for one night and are intent on eating here (they received a recommendation). Can anyone offer comments on this place (B'way 98th-99th). It is not listed on Menupages. Any ideas on what to order, or should I eat before I go?

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  1. It's not worth a detour. Average neighborhood Italian, lovely storefront (that counts up here). If in the hood, it's ok, but they have a problem hetting their dishes being served hot.

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    1. re: MOREKASHA

      Thanks...that is just what I thought. I have to admit I was a bit surprised to learn their choice of places, as the UWS is not exactly known for great chow-ish food! Any more opinions out there??

    2. I'd love to hear more responses too. My friend and I were going to head here tonight (we live in the nabe). We thought the front area looked set up like a wine bar and that's what we were going to aim for. But if 'hounds are panning it, we'll likely go somewhere else.

      1. I live on block and WISH i could say it was good - i don't think it is. Not horrible mind you and to some extent depends on your taste. I don't like high carb restaraunts that make the sauce taste good by adding tooooo much oil. If you take home the leftovers and pull them out of the refrig. the next day - egads - the amount of congealed oil in the sauce makes my bypass it everytime now.

        1. Haven't been there for a while, but I certainly wasn't impressed on previous visits. In that neighborhood, my money's on Gennaro, Amsterdam & 92nd.

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            Thanks for all the responses so far! The neighborhood happens to be inconvenient for us as we are in midtown-east... I think the price is one reason they want to go there...but it looks like for the same $$ we could go someplace like Crispo!

            1. re: erica

              I go there all the time it is fantastic!!!!!!!! I think it is totally worth the trip. If not tonight, try the unlimited mimosa brunch they have forr brunch on the weekends!

              1. re: freddieandflossie

       is this a totally hip and trendy spot with big drinks?

          2. This restaurant is a hidden gem. The pastas are amazing, just like in Italy. The front of the restaurant is set up like a wine bar, there is a great selection of wines!

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            1. re: ilikeitlikethat

              Bleh. I keep hoping Regional will impress me, but so is just another, slightly expensive, neighborhood Italian. Gennaro is better and cheaper.