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Oct 31, 2007 04:10 AM


Is there anyplace in the bay area to get apple pancakes like the ones served at the Red Star Inn in Chicago?

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  1. Unfortunately I don't know the Red Star in Chicago, wolfe (side suggestion: describing the pancakes might bring more responses) but here's a guess that might be helpful anyway.

    If they are large and puffy, then they are of a generic type called "soufflé pancakes" (lots of beaten egg whites). The Dutch Baby is another example, without apples. From time to time, newspaper food sections rediscover these classic specialty pancakes and run recipe articles; recipes have also been online for many years. Various restaurants offer them. For example the Original Pancake House, out of Portland, operates branches including in Fremont, Los Altos, and San José. They have both apple and Dutch Baby soufflé pancakes. Service can be indifferent, but they are genuine, specialty pancake restaurants, moderately priced. (Don't try to go there weekends at, say, 11AM -- they will be mobbed.) You can inquire at other restaurants (or look online) for "soufflé pancakes."