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Oct 31, 2007 12:22 AM

What did I miss?

So, it's been decided that we are moving to Seattle this December - I'm leaving the San Diego area for good, and probably California too. I figure I have the next two months to enjoy the sunshine, go to the beach, and eat a lot of mexican food =)
I'm sure I'll visit the central coast and san fransisco because I have family there, but I don't know when I'll come back to San Diego.
So, is there anything I should absolutely do or eat before I go?

Off the top of my head, I'm going to look for good mexican and eat lots of avocados and citrus =)

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  1. Well it's kind of hard to say, without knowing everywhere you've been or what you've done! :-) Are there places you're wondering about - as far as whether they're worthwhile? The food in Seattle is pretty darn good, so I can't imagine there's anything here you'll suffer too much for missing, maybe the best idea would be to just soak up as much sunshine as you can!

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    1. re: Alice Q

      Sorry! Wrote off the question last night without really thinking about that.
      I've mostly explored North County while I've been here, looking for good food around the carlsbad/vista area.
      - discovered my love of pho and ramen with fresh noodles.
      Dim Sum and Mitsuwa in Kearny Mesa.
      Been to Market (definately going back once before I leave),
      various micro-brewpub type places (Pizza Port, Stone etc),
      frequented Juanita's and Bety's for tacos,
      and shopped at the awesome natural grocery stores and the vista farmers market. Went apple picking in Julian.
      Discovered I like sushi.
      I don't really know too much about the downtown area as I don't often head that way, but I'm willing to take some weekend trips. I wouldn't mind going to some really awesome higher-end restaurants, but as I'm sure I can find that where I'm going I'd rather focus on what I won't.
      I'll be going through these threads on the board too.

      1. re: Jeters

        If I were you I'd probably hit Blanca and/or Addison before leaving, just so you can say you tried them - 1500 Ocean is also pretty good, as is Tapenade, and I keep hearing good things about Cavaillon. I wouldn't worry too much about the rest of downtown. You might also hit the Linkery or Cafe Chloe if you haven't been. I would definitely spend some time at the beach, and hike Torrey Pines. Wear short sleeves, eat carne asada burritos, and drink some margaritas!

        1. re: Jeters

          You can't leave town without visiting Super Cocina and El Comal at least once.

          And I'd strongly recommend Cavaillon. Their 5-course "Mercy of the Chef" (for $55/person) is always superb... and don't forget to order their garbanzo stick appetizer - for $5!

          1. re: mikec

            It's true, I've never been to Super Cocina. I'll just have to plan for a major outing down south and hit up as much as I can..

      2. Me personally, I don't know that I could live with out tortillas! So, fill up on the fresh ones made in Old Town.
        I visited Seattle in Feb and stayed on 1st and Pine. Everyday around 4-5 we had a lemon drop martini in the restaurant across the street, I think it was called SteelHead. There was a Sliver haired bartender that was always ending his shift and his were the BEST!
        We ate pizza at Serious Pie before catching a hockey game. It was a gourmet pizza and wine joint. The beet salad was as good as the pizza.

        1. I can tell you I have deep cravings for taco shop carne asada burritos after being away for only 6 days....and that we did live here in 19XX, moved to VIrginia an when we came back on a House hunting trip in 19XX +3, as soon as we got the rental car, we found a 24 hour taco shop...

          However, I can tell you that no matter where you live, or visit, you will find some hole in the wall with a specialty you never had even thought to try elsewhere that will become the pinnacle for that food, that part of the world and that home base. Enjoy what you have here now and enjoy th new stuff there.

          1. I have no idea if there are "supper clubs" in Seattle, but I think you'd enjoy a night at Anthology for the experience and the food.

            Other than that, I think you're on the right track just absorbing the sunshine and indulging in some good Mexican food. Maybe take advantage of patio seating, too.

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            1. re: leanneabe

              and not having to ask for a "No Smoking" section...

            2. Believe it or not, my favorite Mexican restaurant is a chain --Los Reyes in Golden Hill, Broadway at 25th. This neighborhood has a couple of gems: the Turf Club on 25th at C is a really fun place--there is a small central grill in this tiny restaurant where you cook your own food as you sip your cocktail and meet people from all walks of life. go on a sunday night--they have live entertainment w/an upright piano. try the delmonico steak--great prices since you're the chef. the cocktails are great. across the street is Luigi's (thin crust) pizza--it is THE best pizza in San Diego and they have an unexpected selection of great beers.

              Downtown try Royal Thai Cuisine for dinner, or an Asian sandwich (go for the chicken curry) for lunch 2 doors up on 5th Ave (part of RTC). the sandwiches are inexpensive and delicious, but there are only about 4 seats in the joint, so be prepared for very casual dining.