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Oct 30, 2007 10:26 PM

Kyocera knife white blades - stained already?

I have a small Kyocera chef's knife and a paring knife, both with the white blades. I like them very much, however, my chef's knife is already stained from use. It's sort of brownish in the middle, despite careful handwashing. I have used it only to chop veggies and possibly once or twice for meat. Is this normal? What, if anything, can I do about it?

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  1. i dont have an answer to your problem but i have the kyocera light pink chefs knife and i have the same problem--it has orange like stains. im just not going to buy anymore of them...

    1. Put it in a sink, cover with the hottest water and add a good glug of bleach. Once the water has cooled enough for your hands, fish it out, rinse it well and dry. Works on mine.

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        Keep in mind that as you cook with things, they will wear and they will sometimes discolor. It's simply part of life... If your ceramic knife is like mine, it has a real wood handle. I would NEVER soak my wooden handle in hot water with bleach if I wanted it to stay nice. I would however accept the fact that cutting certain foods may slightly stain my knife and I would also know that the knife and its cutting properties were never affected by these simple stains.

      2. I have the same set of chef and paring knife as well as the pink handled knife that someone gave me as a gift.

        Have had them for about 3 years and have no permanent staining of them. Once in a while they'll get a spot or two but I have very carefull scoured the spot with just a bit of Barkeeper's Friend (my go-to for eveything) and it comes right out.