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Oct 30, 2007 09:57 PM

where will you send us for the best food wine and dining experiences in sf?

hi friends
coming to sf for 3 days a friday through sunday
staying on nob hill at the huntinington
would love your suggestions for the very best meals anywhere within walking or cab distance...price not important...
really great food and wine is
where would you send us for breakfast lunch cocktails and dinner?
happy to do the same for you here in la

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    1. re: Paul H

      Also, this link will select a number of threads from the last weeks and months debating the best places in the city:

    2. I didn't see Scala mentioned ( powell and post) on that topics site above, but it is excellent and right down the hill from you

      1. modest thought: you really don't want to walk to a lot of places from nob hill because you'll have to walk back. further, cabs are expensive and, more to the point, boring.

        get yourself a three-day muni passport (good for all bus routes, cable car routes, street cars and the muni underground). this will gain you access to places like a16 in the marina district, zuni on market, quince on octavia, incanto on church and so on.

        have too much fun.

        1. Cocktails and dinner at the Ritz-Carlton. Easy walk to and fro. Order the tasting menu. If there are two of you, order one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian. Switch plates halfway through each course.