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Oct 30, 2007 09:40 PM

Chinese Roast Duck

My wife wants yummy duck and I have always been curious about those whole ducks that you see hanging in restaurant windows. What is a good place to get one? How do you order it? I tried searching the board but could not find much. I live in Brooklyn, but I thought Manhattan Chinatown would be the place to go. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Almost anywhere you see them-just go in and say-can i have a duck please.They all basically taste the same, but if you want great peking duck in a restaurant carved at your table, try Peking Duck on Mott. There has been a long thread on this already.

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      Second Peking Duck.

      I get my roast duck at KamMan (spelling?) Market on Canal. You just walk in, go to the counter and ask them for a whole or half roast duck. they take it off the hook and cut it up for you. Be sure to advise whether you want the sauce poured over the duck, on the side or not at all (my preference). English is their second language so don't expect a lot of conversation. Cheap and delicious.

    2. Tell your wife you want her to try New Big Wang! It's on Bayard and it rules. They had a soft shell crab starter on last week which was really good.

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        Had the duck as part of a bowl of wonton noodle soup here, just yesterday. The generous gobs were butter-tender, bursting with flavor, and complemented the slightly tougher chunks of pork, the bouncy wontons and the thin, stringy noodles perfectly. The duck, as well as other other BBQ items, definitely merits a return.

      2. In Chinatown, Bing Wong on Mott Street is very good and a fantastic Cheap Eats place for soup, rice and noodles to go along with the BBQ This is my family's and many friends' first choice and favorite. However, the restaurant is no frills.

        New Bing Wong(Wang) on Bayard has excellent BBQ too. There you can also get a Tea Smoked Duck as well. This restaurant is nicer with a much larger menu offering and is better for a sit down meal. NBW has the best Roast Pig and Roast Baby Suckling Pig along with Noodle Town on Bowery @ Bayard.

        I believe if you get it to take-out, the whole duck will cost around $16. Do not worry about any language barriers. Just point and make hand gestures if you want it and if you want it cut up.

        For the cheapest price for duck I have found, go to Grand Street and I think at the North corner of Eldridge Street. There is a BBQ House/Vegetable Stand/Bakery/Coffee Shop that sells the duck for $8.00 or $9.00 whole. If you want it cut up, they charge you an extra dollar. Be sure to go after 11:00 AM, especially on the weekends. The ducks usually are not ready until then. This place is take-out only.

        In general, any shopping for meats, fish, pantry or bakery items will be cheaper on Grand Street than any where in Chinatown. The stores are smaller and the selection will not be as varied, but you can purchase almost all the same items, just not as many brand choices.

        Be sure to check out the dumpling houses on Eldrige or Allen Streets, 5 for a $1. Congee Village is also nearby on Allen for traditional Cantonese.

        1. I like noodle town roast duck.

          New Chao chow and Bo Ky serves a different style of duck on the window. The skin is yellow and I don't think its roasted. I prefer the one at Bo Ky. It's pretty good.

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            Thanks all! I will report back on our duck findings.

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