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Oct 30, 2007 09:39 PM

Help! Need a rec for wine-tasting this Friday afternoon in Napa!

My husband and I are heading to Napa this Friday for my birthday (yeah!) and have time Friday afternoon to stop in and do a tasting before dinner that night (we'll be in town around 3pm and dinner isn't until late). We're staying in Yountville... any thoughts or ideas of smaller wineries where we can stop in? Already doing Hess and Pine Ridge. Thanks!

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  1. 1-800-929-2217 Honig, you need a reservation. Well worth it, and it's next to an olive oil place - you can also make a reservation there for a tasting if you're interested.

    1. Please be advised that wineries close at 5 or 5:30 pm, so choose two wineries that are close together. Hess is a long drive up into the hills (at least 45 minutes each way from Highway 29), but the art collection there is truly stunning (the wines not so much, at least compared to what else Napa Valley offers). But you probably won't be able to do two tastings if you go there.

      Pine Ridge Winery on Silverado Trail is close to where you'll be in Yountville, and it's quite a good winery to visit. Several others are close by including one of the very best wineries in the United States right across the street -- Shafer -- but their afternoon tasting is at 2 pm. (you might give them a call anyway). Just down the road is the very respected Stag's Leap Wine Cellars, and nearby, on Yountville Cross Road is Cliff Lede Winery, which makes a lovely and elegant Claret (Bordeaux blend) and a very pleasant, fruity Sauvignon Blanc that I tasted Saturday. They also continue to make a sparkling wine under the former owner's name, S. Anderson, and have lovely caves. For all these wineries and any others, call ahead and make a reservation. Perhaps do a Google search of Napa Valley wineries located on the Silverado Trail in Yountville. Have a great birthday!

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        I'd try for a reservation at Round Pond. It's a spectacular new, small winery on Rutherord Road close in Rutherford. They offer a personal tour and tasting. Tasting is on their elevated open air living room with the best view of the valley I have seen -- you look toward Highway 29 but can't see it because of the trees and foliage. Beautiful.

        Also, you can make a reservation for a tour/tasting at Round Pond's state of the art olive oil facility across the street. It's fun, educational and delicious.

        Round Pond has owned vineyards in this area for 20 years but has only recently expanded to olive oil production and the making of their own wine. Well worth a visit.

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          Yes, Round Pond olive oil, that's the name I was trying to remember. Fun and different. Worth a trip if you have time.