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Lunetta NYC

Anyone been to the new Lunetta that took over the old Mayrose spot on Bway/21st. Walked by Monday night approx 9pm and it was packed. Design looked real good too. But then anything is an improvement over the sparse decor of the old Mayrose.

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  1. Was there last night and was hugely dissapointed. Got there early, about 6.30 and watched it fill up. Disinterested bar help, and a waiter that was in the wrong place. The Bourem Hill location has a younger hipper staff, which helps make it kind of fun. Did learn the the owner of Mayrose partnered with Adam Shepard the chef and owner of the Brooklyn location.

    Four of us began with a salumi plate and an assortment of 3 brucchetti. Salumi fine, fresh and tasty...the brucchetti, white bean and tuna, roasted tomato and chicken liver could have beed great, but were iced-cold.

    Two of us had salads, mixed greens with an anchovy dressing and the other brussel sprouts with a lemon vinegrette...again very cold and very over dressed.

    We ordered tagliatelle bolognese, pumpkin agnolotti as well as an order of meat balls and roasted potatoes. All good but seemed to miss...the bolognese was too "contemporized" and as my friend said, the agnolotti looked "french". The meat balls were good, though a little on the hard side, a tasted a bit sweet and sour.

    And finally, desert. One tiramisu and one apple tart with cinnamon ice cream. Tiramisu good...apple tart bad. Nice crust, good ice cream but very under cooked apples.

    1. This is my review from last week. Not impressed.

      1. My gf wants to go here so what should I get when we go?

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          Assuming they have it on the menu, the crispy chicken agrodolce is delicious. I've had it twice at the Brooklyn location. Also the ricotta bruschetta.

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            Ricotta Buscetta was excellent. Overall, however, I found Lunetta in Manhattan to be average...nothing wowed me.

        2. Has anyone been recently? I'm going next week (not my choice) and would welcome hearing about more recent experiences, dishes not to miss, what to avoid, etc. Thanks. FDR

          1. Ate there the other night, pretty late, around 10pm. Was pretty good. Get the polenta. It was unreal.

            1. I am not sure if it matters which night you go, a friend of mine went on a Friday night and raved about it. Per her rec., I went on a Tuesday night a few weeks ago and had one of the most horrible meals of my life, agreed by all at my table. The bruschetta was clearly canned tomatoes on soggy bread...I have never had such awful tomatoes in my life. The salad, with pistachios and apple, sounded like a good idea and was nicely presented--although the flavor of the dressing did not go well with the rest of the salad. The waiter spent 5 minutes selling me on the Chicken, before another waiter informed me that they were all out of chicken. All out of chicken? Whole Foods is around the corner! Instead I simply decided on the Spaghetti Pomodora, which was overcooked and again topped with canned tomatoes. Every course got worse and worse. I will not go back!

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                I am personally wary of the Manhattan location based on the reviews I have seen generally, but the Boerum Hill location is wonderful.

              2. Went last night. The company was great. The service was excellent. It was a Monday night so it wasn't crowded. On to the food.


                *Fried artichoke - thin and crispy like potato chips
                *Ricotta bruschetta with hazelnut and lemon zest - one of my two favorite dishes


                Polenta had bacon and some kind of meat stock so it wasn't an option. I had the duck agnolotti. It arrived in a bowl and wasn't visually appealing. There was hardly any raddichio and the cream sauce looked like yellow soup. Maybe some pieces of duck or a garnish would have helped. Once I got past how it looked it was good.

                My friends had:

                *Monday special grilled quail (molasses, pom sauce), fennel sausage, rapini, pickled grapes
                *Pollo with lemon and rosemary
                *Tagliatelle with pork and short rib ragu

                They all seemed happy with their choices.


                *Honey panna cotta blood orange - my other favorite dish

                Not in a hurry to go back.