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Oct 30, 2007 09:32 PM

Regretting Reservation at BLT Prime-Put me at Ease!

I made a reservation for BLT Prime tonight to celebrate my new job and now am kind of regretting it. I am a steak lover and have wanted to try it for quite some time after hearing some great things. But I have the feeling that it won't live up to top steakhouse standards. (I'm a Luger fanatic). The other options I was seriously considering were Strip House (everyone raves about it) and Smith and Wollensky. I can always cancel the reservation but I was just wondering if everyone thinks I should keep it. Strip House really doesnt have the time I want but if it is truly head and shoulders above BLT Prime I'll sacrifice.

Does the steak live up to the hype? I am going to order either the porterhouse or ribeye and have read mixed reviews. Some say the porterhouse was rather small and other complain the ribeye is not a quality piece of meat (fatty,thin) for the price. I need some input from those who have tried both cuts PLEASE! Also I just read a few reviews that mentioned BLT overcooks their steak which is a serious problem for me. Please tell me there is nothing to worry about---- unless there is of course! If I am going to dish out those kind of prices I want to make sure it is the best dinner possible. So Overall should I just stick it out with BLT Prime or cancel and go to Strip House?

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  1. I have not been to BLT but have been to Strip House, and yes Strip House is that good. Best filet ive ever had. Period. Doesnt hurt that its 2 blocks from me either.

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      Wow sounds like you're somewhat of an expert with Strip House. Have you had any other cuts- ribeye, prime rib, porterhouse? What about non-steak offerings and daily specials? Jeez this really is making for a tough decision.

    2. Strip House is the better meal.

      1. Get it out of your system and go. I really enjoyed the steak at BLT

        1. Calm down. For every good review about Strip House, I've read tons that destroy it, and the same can be said about every steakhouse. Strip House is very good, but the service there sucks and I can't stand waiting an hour after my reservation time, which has happened 90% of the times i've gone there.

          BLT Prime is great. I've been there 5-8 times. The ribeye is great. They dry age their steaks which is more than i can say about a number of places that people recommend. I've never had an overcooked steak there and if they happen to do it, just send it back. There is no reason to worry about it or accept an overcooked steak.

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            Thanks everyone for putting me somewhat at ease. I've always wanted to try both BLT Prime and Strip House anyway so I'll just stick with the reservation and try Strip House some other time. ESNY did you have the regular or kobe ribeye which obviously makes a big difference? As for overcooked steak I definitely wouldn't accept it but I hate sending food back. Obviously I'd love for it to be prepared correct initially (charred crust, a little less than medium rare inside). Great steakhouses know how to cook a steak so I'll try to trust them and if worse comes to worse I'll send it back.

            1. re: steakrules85

              OMG. I am getting stressed out reading your posts! CALM DOWN - it's just one meal. i know the oppportunity cost is high in the NYC dining scene, but really, both are very nice steak restaurants wth many choice cuts of quality meats. Yes, different ambiances but that doesn't seem to be driving you so batty.

              Is is that you are hosting a VIP or something that is working you up so? Other issues we might address in order to calm you down?

              1. re: chow_gal

                Haha I know I am going crazy over this. No it is just a special dinner that I want to be great. The main thing is 2 people in my party aren't huge steak lovers like myself and I want to try to accomodate them while also getting my steak fix. Figured BLT Prime would be great since they have some nice menu offerings for them that most steakhouses don't have. But I don't want to plop down a ton of money for a steak I don't like. Haven't read a bad review yet about Strip House's steak but I don't know how their non-steak options are. And Finally (I know this post is getting exhausting), the only real thing on the menu the non-steak eaters would like at SH is the lobster linguini. I'm sure they have daily specials with other offerings but I want to be safe-maybe I'll call and see.

              2. re: steakrules85

                I've never had the wagyu ribeye there, only the regular ribeye. If i'm going to go the way of wagyu, i'm going to spend the extra money and get real japanese kobe, not the american wagyu stuff. The regular, dry aged ribeye has always been nicely seasoned, good char and perfectly rare/medium rare.

            2. I liked BLT Prime...but confess I thought my steak would have been better. We shared the "BLT cut" double sirloin for two but think the porterhouse might be the better choice...

              That being said, the sides are great...especially the carrots. And the chicken liver pate they serve as an amuse is pretty solid.

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              1. re: dkstar1

                Funny...that was my experience too. I enjoyed it but somehow expected the steaks would be even better than they were.

                1. re: dkstar1

                  What is the BLT Cut. Just two bonein sirloins basically? Why pay $82 for 32 oz when you can get the 40 oz porter for $79. Plus I'm a porterhouse lover anyway.

                  1. re: steakrules85

                    Have dined at BLT Prime 3 times. Dont worry, you will have a great meal. The steaks are very good, the sides are great and even though its a fairly loud place, once you settle in its very relaxed and this service is good.

                    you can argue all day about who has the best steaks, sides etc. BLT may not be the very best, but you will not be disappointed

                    1. re: jvish

                      Yeah thanks a lot. I'm gunna wind up sticking with it. Of course some people are going to have negative experiences and others just love to complain about everything. Just for reference what steaks have you had? Any non-steak dishes that stood out as well?

                        1. re: jrazzle

                          You will love it.

                          BLT Prime is much better than the Strip House.

                          1. re: DoctortedNYC

                            Thanks to everyone for putting me at rest! Ahhh I feel good and will be back with an indepth review in a few weeks.