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Oct 30, 2007 08:32 PM

Has anyone tried Luna Lounge in Carmichael (Sacramento area)?

Saw an article about LL in the Inside Arden newspaper, but aside from that I have not heard anything else about it. It is located in the back of Bella Bru at Fair Oaks and Arden. I have gone to the first Tuesday wine tasting a few times and really enjoyed myself but that was a few years ago. The web site says that it offers a fuul bar and menu.

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  1. It is run by Bella Bru - I've eaten at the Natomas location a few times and really liked it. The Natomas BB does wine/martini tastings as well. Lava Lounge was a participant in a food/wine tasting event that I attended and their food was really good...but I haven't been to their location in Arden...

    1. I love the place! It is sort of like the hidden secret of the area. The have great music, great food and all the games. Big bar in the middle so you can see whats going on.

      You got to check them out!

      1. i work for bella bru carmichael. Luna lounge is a chic lil place. it attracts people of all ages, we have a lot of college students and then moms who think they are 22 again. heh..Eli and Beth(short awesome lesbian) are the best bartenders we have. We serve a full dinner and appetizers at Luna Lounge, its a french themed menu i guess, we are in a transition, switchin up things but its a good menu and the drinks are good. It is a hidden bar, but we have a neon sign in the window so u cant miss it. pretty much every night its busy, weekends it gets packed. bella bru closes at either 9 or 10 on the weekends and luna lounge contines till 12 or 2am. theres a football night and some other themed nights. check it out :-D

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          I think Beth was our bartender and she practically did everything except cook our food, Very personable and professional.

        2. We finally tried Luna Lounge and are already talking about returning. DH and I shared the Bolognese w/ Pappardelle and the Pan Seared Chicken Forestiere. The bolognese was very traditional in that it had real carrots, braised meat and wine were used (I've had a few bologneses in the past that were just mediocre meat sauces) this version was hearty and a little spicy and the pasta was perfect. The chicken was excellent too, it came with brussel sprouts, fingerling potatoes, pancetta and mushrooms. The sauce produced from the pan juices, wine and veggies really made the dish. As an after thought, I wished I had some of the pasta for the chicken. We also split the garlic pomme frites. They were addictive and perfect. The happy hour price for house wine was an especially good deal ($4); however next time I think I'll order from the list, they had lots of good choices for wines by the glass. We both had the house merlot and DH had a Carlson-tini, which he pronounced as very refreshing.