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Oct 30, 2007 08:17 PM

Beijing with toddler in tow

We're making a (somewhat) last minute trip in a couple of weeks and will have 6 days in Beijing. We're traveling with our 3-year-old. I'm going through the posts here trying to make notes. Fortunately she eats what we eat so really the only zinger is going to be jet lag. We're going to stay near Wangfujing. Would love some restaurant ideas in the vicinity. FWIW, when we were in Beijing two years ago we had dinner at The Courtyard one night. The food was nice and the atmosphere was very cool but the only people there were Americans and it felt a little weird. (And I wouldn't go there with a 3yo, even though ours, of course, behaves impeccably...!) We had Peking Duck that was fantastic at a small restaurant perhaps 10 minutes walk from the Friendship store - I'll never find it again. What's the verdict on street food? The stuff at the night market near our hotel looked fantastic but we were uber cautious.

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  1. I am living in Beijing,but my english is not so good,so i just try my best to write something for you. if you stay near Wangfujing,you may try Tanfu Cuisine(in Chinese谭府菜)in the BEIJING HOTEL.It is a famous high end restaurant,be good at guangdong_beijing fusion dish,try some dish of abalone,shark fin.If you order dried abalone dish,it will cost hundred US $ for you familly for a meal. A good place for BEIJING ROAST DUCK is WANGFUJING ROAST DUCK RESTAURANT,it's at the middle area of that street,not so easy to find,but you may ask young educated person,they may help you with english.Price there are medium ,40_60 $ for you three.Another place for good and cheap food is in the underground floor of Oriental PLAZA,there are many fast food and local cuisine restaurants,such as Sichuan ,Guangdong,even Thai,Japenese,etc.Prices varies by you choice,medium to cheap.There is a bookstore selling books for foreigner at the north entrance of the street,you may find some english books on chinese cuisine,travel guide.To read or buy some will be good for you touring.

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      This is fantastic. Thank you so much!

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        If Tanfu Cuisine is the restaurant on the mezzanine/second floor in the Beijing Prime Hotel (Chinese name 华侨 大厦 I believe, in Pinyin HUA QIAO DA XIA, "Overseas Chinese Residence"), where we stayed for 4 days this May, I can wholeheartedly second the suggestion as their food is really excellent. They have less expensive selections such as delicious roast goose, and excellent Hunan dishes - beef with chilis and coriander, Lijiang doufu - a spicy preparation of mung bean "tofu", and fish with pickled chilis among them. We saw families with children being accommodated very nicely. Ask for the Chinese restaurant as there is a steak place on the same floor - and ask for both the Guangdong and Hunan menus.

    2. there are so many places to eat where you will be staying and longhairuo has given some really great places to eat..ill check around the freindship store as i go to that area stand by for the info...but i do suggest to stay away from the street food..ive eaten street food from all over se asia for many years, but here its mainly the dust / pollution contaiminents that pose problems...a must try is a beijing breakfast (originally from tiajin)..its a pancake omlette, cracked egg, chili bean paste, green onion, chinese parsley, crisp wonton skin..sublime!

      1. I would stay away from street food. We just don't have the immunity to deal with bugs our system is not familiar with, and that goes double for a 3 year old. Imagine being in a foreign city with language issues and a sick 3 yr old.

        We were treated to a Peking duck dinner at a top floor restaurant in a mall in the Soho area. We sat outdoors under the night sky. Well actually we sat outdoors under the smog. But the food was very good.

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          Thank you both for advice on street food. Our 3yo actually spent her first year in China (we adopted her in 2005) but yes, better safe than sorry. Still I look forward to wandering through the night market again - it was one of my favorite memories of Beijing.