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Oct 30, 2007 07:56 PM

White truffle specials?

I'll be in Boston for one night, and was wondering if any of the restaurants are doing white truffle specials/tasting during this coming weekend. I'll be alone, so preference leans toward any place that has full-menu bar dining.

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  1. From the information I've gotten from the local suppliers of white truffles the season is not going well in Italy. And with it already being the end of October that is not a good sign. If they are available at a restaurant in Boston the price would be ridiculous, at cost to suppliers they were coming in at around $3000 a pound which would be about $65 on a menu item at most restaurants. Most restaurants can't justify the food cost of ordering them this year. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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      Boy, is that disappointing. Thanks for that information. I look forward every year to white truffle season, which coincides with our anniversary for justified splurges.

      We were at Aujord'Hui for a wonderful dinner this past weekend (I just love their latest chef William Kovel), and I was surprised that there weren't any truffle dishes on the menu - neither black nor white. Though I've seen Burgundians on the menu at No 9 Park, so far, the only places I've had black truffles this season are at Prezza and Grotto (who - lucky us - also scored an Alba white truffle for their multi-course truffle dinner a couple of weeks ago). Someone also mentioned that they had seen white truffle on the menu at L'Espalier.

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        I had heard that Troquet had some white truffle dishes on their menu but that was last week and may longer be the case.

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          Just to update - we were at No 9 Park this week, and they also said that they most likely will not have white Alba truffles on the menu this year. OTOH, I highly recommend the Epoisse ravioli with Burgundy truffle, currently an appetizer on the dinner menu.

          Though I'm even more thankful we went to Grotto's truffle dinner, now I wish I had returned for lunch the next day to order more of that delicious gnocchitini with white truffle.

      2. I just got an email yesterday from Bistro 5 on Playstead Street in Medford where Chef Ettore will add white Alba truffles to any dish for $24 - check out the website - some hounds do not like Bistro 5, but we love it, and the chef is very attentive to his dishes and his customers. I cannot imagine this would be a miss....

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        1. re: Small Plates

          Thanks so much for that tip! A good reason to check out a restaurant I've never been to. The menu looks great.

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            Yes! I went there on Nov 16 and had an extremely memorable top-notch meal. Chef shaved the truffles at the table over the two special truffle-friendly items (gnocchi and veal). The dishes without truffle were every bit as surprising and wonderful. Go!

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              We're planning on going to Bistro 5 this week - do we need to make reservations for a weeknight? Thanks again for the rec! Looking forward to it..

              1. re: Rubee

                Adding a link for reference

                Bistro 5
                5 Playstead Road, Medford, MA 02155

            2. i heard clio has some white truffle dishes on a small menu, not sure of the price.

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                We were at Clio last week, and they do still have the truffle menu available. They commented that the menu has lasted longer than expected, though they expect to run out by Christmas. The aforementioned scarcity of truffles this year, combined with Clio's always absurd price to portion ratio (the wagyu beef was 40/oz!) may have something to do with this. Anyway, my SO took a copy of the mini menu to repost here. We did not try any of the courses, though the table next to us (Larry & Stacey Lucchino, Jack & Suzy Welch, Anne Finucane ,Mike Barnicle) sampled from the menu to mixed reviews FWIW.

                - Two-Hour Egg: with sunchokes, vaudocan spice, expresso and shaved white truffles ($75.00)
                - Fresh Tagliatelle: with parmesan broth and shaved white truffles ($105.00)
                - Miso Risotto: with shaved white truffles and lobster ($105.00)
                - Montomery Cheddar Fondue: with shaved white truffles and croutons ($105.00)

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