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Best Montreal Wedding Cakes

I am planning a wedding and I am searching for the perfect wedding cake. I have heard of some suppliers through advertising and friends, but I would like to know if any of you have tried any of their cakes at weddings or some of their other products. These are the ones I was looking into:

- Patisserie San Marco
- Pâtisserie De Gascogne

Are there any others I should look into? Anything that sets these one apart? How about prices?

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  1. I had cupcakes from Cocoa Locale along with a cupcake a deux to cut. They were delicious, pretty, and were extremely well received. Also, it was quite affordable at $132 (for 48 cupcakes, plus the cupcake a deux, which is essentially a small cake). We even ended up with leftovers, which made a delicious breakfast the next day. And I was able to order them the Wednesday before my (Saturday) wedding.

    1. I had my wedding cake made at "De froment et de Sêve" on Beaubien street near Iberville. While they dont do traditional wedding cake , they do make a fantastic "Croque-en-bouche", the traditional french wedding cake. We had them put a chocolate cream in the "choux" instead of a cr^me patissière , and had them put fresh raspberry in all the little holes between the choux. The pice was spectacular AND delicious ! And service very good !

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        Hi Toto,

        I am unable to find any mention of croque-en-bouche on their website, do you have any pictures of your cake that you can send me. I am interested in finding someone to make one for this winter. Thanks!

      2. Here is a picture...that did not post...darn...

        1. It seems that the weeken chocolate event in Montreal has a wedding cakes contest,
          maybe you should visit..

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          1. I recently found out about “Jessica Berard Cakes” . I am also planning a wedding :-), and I think I am going to book with her. She did a cake for one of my friend’s bridal shower and it looked exactly like a purse. It was one of the most amazing cakes I have ever seen. And it tasted VERY good too. She is more expensive than some of the other decorators I looked at (like the ones you mentioned), but totally worth it IMO. Plus, I met with her last week for a tasting, and she was really fun and totally understood what I wanted.


            I also recommend the cupcakes from Coco Locale. They are very delicious (esp Chocolate Chai). But she doesn't do elaborate cake designs. I guess it depends on what you want.

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              if you want a custom made wedding cake I was at a wedding and the cake was from Les Delices de Dawn I got a card from the caterer and the phone number is 514-739-9111

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                Hubby and I married 10 years ago we had two cakes from Delice de Dawn. They were not just great tasting (white choclate butter cream and chocolate) but beautiful works of art. My favorite photo is of the cakes!!

            2. bump on jessica berard cakes. I got married in September and she did both my wedding cake and the groom's cake. They were simply incredible! The wedding cake was more traditional while the groom's cake was a replica of a viking ship. People couldn't even tell it was a cake! Not only do they look amazing, her cakes have superior flavour & texture. There were definitely no leftovers (even though we had an extra dessert table!).

              We really enjoyed working with her. Her confidence and enthusiasm made us feel very comfortable and was helpful in planning our idea in terms of what works and what doesn't.

              Simply awesome!!

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                While I haven't had a wedding cake from Jessica, I asked her to do a cake for my daughter's 4th birthday. She made an absolutely beautiful little pink princess cake complete with a crown and a 3D princess sitting on top of the cake. Best looking cake I've ever seen and it tasted amazing. I think I had 1/3 of the cake just by myself! It put the biggest smile on my little girl's face.

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                  This is where we're getting ours done, we sampled his cakes and they were fantastic. He's won a bunch of awards, and his cost is lower than places like Afroditi (way overpriced btw). www.decorgateauxmtl.com -- his name is Michel Danis.

              2. We have used Gateaux Janice on several occasions and have loved her creativity as well as the cakes.Take a look at her wedsite(pardon the pun)

                1. San Marco is a good choice. Other places I've used for my wedding clients:

                  -Dolci Piu
                  -Luisa Galuppo Cakes
                  - Pekarna Pâtisserie

                  good luck!