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Oct 30, 2007 07:03 PM

Beer of the Month: Pacific Northwest?

Does anybody know anything about a beer of the month club that would focus on beer from the Pacific Northwest? I'm thinking about signing up my boyfriend for Christmas, and since we just moved to Seattle, I'd like it to be focused on microbrews from this area. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know of a BOTM. that is that focused on a region. But if you're willing to make the effort there are a lot of good retailers who can hook you up. The beer will be fresher if you pick it up too. So many local breweries do seasonal beers too that a BOTM won't get. I would head for Bottleworks (1710 N. 45th) and ask them what their favorite Holiday beers are for this year. In February, go Barleywines. Spring/summer beers start showing up late March-May. You can personalize it as you go.

    If Bottleworks isn't convenient for you let me know your neighborhood and I'll try to recommend somewhere.

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    1. re: Kevin B

      Hey Kevin,
      Thanks for writing -- I'm in the U District, right on the border of Ravenna. Close to a great wine store, but I'm in the dark as far as beer goes, so any tips would be appreciated!


      1. re: ms_darling

        Ms, I agree with Kevin, Bottleworks staff and their selection would make it easy. They also have gift certificates and you could accompany him on his monthly trips there, and he might enjoy the company. If you want something closer, Whole Foods 1026 Ne 64th St, Seattle, WA, has a great beer selection, as does the UVillage QFC. As a bit of a beer snob, he might also enjoy selecting his own beers each month, and any of these three stores would be perfect.

        1. re: Baboo

          Pretty much where I would send you. But you're a short drive to Bottleworks so they would still be my #1 choice. Big Time releases their Old Wooly Barleywine is released on December 1st every year. Usually lasts on tap through December but the bottles get bought up pretty

    2. Esquin has a pretty good selection too... you can stock up on your beer and wine in one stop :)

      1. I gave my father in law a BOTM gift from, and he was really pleased with what they sent. They're based in the PNW, and deliver some good selections of NW beer.