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Oct 30, 2007 06:34 PM

Cornbread Receipe

Throwing a big chili party in December and I'm looking for your favorite cornbread receipe. We don't live far from Chelsea, Mi, where Jiffy mix is made and to tell you the truth, it's hard to beat. My chili rocks but I would appreciate some cornbread or other side dish suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. I guess it is just preference but I have never liked the boxed mixes too much. That said, prefect cornbread, from scratch, can be elusive. This is my basic recipe, much like the one from joy of cooking and similar to the recipe on the back of the sacks of yellow corn meal sold at my local Farmer's Market.

    Preheat your oven, with your cast iron pan in it, to 425F

    Sift together

    3/4c All purpose flour
    1 and 1/2c Yellow Corn Meal, the good stuff
    4t Double Acting Baking Powder
    2t Salt
    3T Cane Sugar
    1/4t Cayenne Pepper

    Whisk together
    1c Milk
    2 Eggs

    Melt or Soften in the now hot Skillet
    1/4c Butter, but Bacon Drippings would be better

    Combine all of the above and mix together

    pour into the skillet and bake for 25 minutes

    1. Here's my recipe, which came from my mom, and maybe further back than that. It's not spectacular or anything, just basic corn bread. You can actually cook it in a round cake pan or a cast iron skillet or even a loaf pan, if you want.

      1 c. flour
      1/4 c. sugar
      4 tsp. baking powder
      3/4 tsp. salt
      1 c. corn meal
      2 eggs
      1 c. milk
      1/4 c. oil

      Mix dry ingredients in bowl. Add liquids and mix until smooth. Bake in greased 9” pan at 425° for 20-25 minutes.

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      1. re: revsharkie

        Hi Frankiii,
        I made your exact cornbread recipe last night, and it tasted great, but it crumbled apart. I am hoping that Chowhound has some kind of alert that you have received a reply to this post since it is over a year old. Can you email me about this.

        1. re: Kendall

          Some things that might make your cornbread less crumbly are:
          - greater proportion of white flour, as high as, say, 1:1
          - more egg relative to flours, say 2 eggs to 2 cups (total) of flours
          - less baking powder. 1tsp bp per cup of flour is the usual recommended amount.
          - do not over bake (this will dry it out)

          A recipe that uses a higher proportion of corn (southern style) should be baked in a preheated iron skillet. This helps develop a crisp crust, balancing the more tender center.

      2. My favorite recipe is Jalapeno-Cheese Cornbread, from the New Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas. It's neither too dry nor too sweet, the problems I most often have with cornbread. And the peppers give it a nice little kick.

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        1. re: mordacity

          I like a good scratch recipe, buttermilk cornbread made like Frank!!! said in a 10"
          cast Iron skillet, and by all means with bacon grease in the skillet. you can`t beat it
          and no sugar in the recipe.

          1. re: bigjimbray

            Yep, frankiii's recipe is great, exactly how I do it, too...pre-heating your cast iron skillet creates a lovely crust on the cornbread and using bacon grease is preferable to the butter. There are many philosophies on cornbread but I definitely agree with bigjimbray, it should not be sweet. (I do use a little bit of sugar like frank's, though)

        2. SonyBob, I just researched this for the cornbread I made was very tasty and I used Windella's recipe (with bacon fat as the oil) from

          Don't forget to search before you start a thread. Here are the 52 threads and a gazillion responses that came up with a search for "title: cornbread recipe":

          1. If you (and your guests) like the sweet northern style cornbread, Jiffy is a good starting point. The Southern style depends more on the quality of the cornmeal, the hot skillet for texture, and the use of bacon grease for flavor.