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Oct 30, 2007 06:31 PM

HELP! Craving REAL hot chocolate (thick) and CHURROS!

Hi Hounds,

Craving that thick, wonderful hot chocolate I had in Spain with CHURROS.

I figured there has to be a Mexican-run place (downtown LA??) that makes both of these well.

Any ideas?


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  1. no recs but thanks for the new craving. spanish hot chocolate and churros are quite different from mexican i'm afraid.

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    1. re: tastycakes

      I was hoping that since many Latin Americans also eat churros, and also Mexican hot chocolate is known to be pretty good... Aaaaaaaaaaaa!


      1. re: Liquid Sky

        ok, apparently burrito king on sunset/echo park has them. they also happen to have great chicken tacos! and are next to house of spirits which has a decent beer & wine selection.

        and i see on yelp there is a place called churrolandia out in whittier - must check that out. they are not too hard to make at home if you're inclined but it's a lot of arm work without a mixer =)

        1. re: tastycakes

          Thanks, cakes. Burrito King... hmmmm... Who'd have thought? I was picturing some mom-and-pop place where they might serve breakfast and comfort food.

          I'll do more research and get back to you...

          1. re: tastycakes

            Thanks for the pointer to churrolandia. Not too far so I must check it out.

            I miss the spanish/mexican kind of churros. The stuff at Costco is pretty good, but it's really different (doughy) than the ones I got off the street vendor at Tijunana and at a stall at St. Paul de Vence.

            1. re: notmartha

              Checked out Churrolandia. Their plain churros is not as good as Costco's, strange as it may seem. I think it's a little too dry.

              My son enjoyed his bavarian cream stuffed churros just fine, but at $3, a bit overpriced. I can get a donut similar in taste for less than $1.

            2. re: tastycakes

              Years ago when sons were kids we used to go to that Burrito King from Van Nuys to buy a dozen machaca burritos at a time, some to gorge on, some to freeze. Memories.

          2. re: tastycakes

            Though Spanish in origin churros and hot chocolate (or champurrado) are definitely part of the Mexican food repertoire….The best I ever had was at a place known as an institution for both (name fails me) in Mexico City.
            Pretty sure I have memories from childhood of having both hot chocolate and churros at Olvera Street downtown. I did some research - Casa de Sousa serves up hot chocolate (and maybe churros?) and there is place in the merchant directory called Mr. Churro’s.

            1. re: LaLa Eat

              Thanks, LaLa!! (Tummy thanks you also.) I'm off to Olvera Street...

          3. My gut reaction is to advise you bring your own churro to City Bakery for their ultra rich hot melted chocolate

            As for churros, the ones at Baja Fresh are consistently fresh... I've had too many bad experiences getting cinnamon-flavored rubber sticks out of the glass boxes at stands all over town)

            Mr Taster
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            1. re: Mr Taster

              Does City Bakery have any connection to the City Bakery in NYC?? Just wondering, because I did not enjoy the hot choc from the one in NYC (as everyone else did).

              1. re: Liquid Sky

                it is. i never liked the hot chocolate there either. i never had the hot chocolae at this one.

                1. re: tablefor1

                  table: Marie Belle (SoHo) makes a much better hot chocolate than City Bakery.

                  I find City Bakery to be sickeningly sweet and overpriced.

                  Marie Belle's hot chocolate is thick and rich, and the quality of the chocolate is much better.

            2. J Gold has already done the legwork for you on the hot chocolate part if you look here

              As to churros, I always like the ones at Costco.

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              1. re: ipsedixit

                Thanks, ipse. Casa de Souza is walk-able from my home... too cool! I am a big fan of Jin's, too. Good to know they have the hot chocolate as well. Cheers.

              2. If you go just for the Hot Chocolate, Senor Fred in Sherman Oaks does it very well.

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                1. re: omakase

                  I've only been for their Hot Chocolate and Cookies which were both really good and made for part of a fun 'date'!

                2. I love the churros at Disneyland.

                  On another note, I think I remember a Mexican restaurant in Newport (or somewhere near there) that has chocolate covered churros if you're into that. It's called Taco Rosa.

                  Taco Rosa
                  2632 San Miguel Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660

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                  1. re: aprmayjun

                    In addition to Disneyland, Magic Mountain has great churros. Love the frozen lemonades too.