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Oct 30, 2007 06:27 PM

Weekend lunch in Hull

My husband and I are going to Hull, MA for a wedding this weekend and wondered if anyone could recommend a place for lunch? We are staying at the Clarion Nantasket and will have a car. We are from Austin, TX and would like something with local flavor, seafood, etc, and preferrably not a chain restaurant. No restrictions on price, small local place is ok, and of course a nice view would be great too, though I would sacrifice this for the food quality. Thanks in advance!

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  1. i forget if bridgemans does lunch. if they do, go there. get a second floor table next to the front windows. if you want great views and a cocktail go to the ocean club (on the rocks at the end of nantasket) the food is not worth the trouble. but the staff is friendly and location is nice. i also recommend driving into cohasset and going to french memories and getting some pastry-very nice. i have heard the red lion in cohasset is a nice place but it was very second hand. the town is lovely to drive around in. if you are staying at the clarion i also recommend barefoot bobs or red parrot for local flavor in hull. although the bikers will be gone for the season, there should be a few regulars keeping the seats warm.

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      Bridgeman's does list a lunch menu on their website. My only other suggestion would be Saporitos which I don't believe would serve lunch.

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        I would talk to front desk and get directions to atlantica by far best water front dining on south shore everything from lobsters to great chops and and pastas. a million dollar veiw that will not break the bank.

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          Atlantica is in Cohasset, not Hull, and the few mentions I've seen it get on this board were positive for view but not positive for food. They are apparently open for Sunday dinner starting at 2 PM, possibly or possibly not open for Sunday brunch, and otherwise not open at lunch time. Have not been, myself.

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          Saporito's is indeed only open for dinner, and I'm among the minority here who didn't care for them much. I'll echo those suggesting that Bridgeman's is your best option for lunch or dinner in Hull -- it's an Italian place. Did not like the food at either the Blue Parrot or Raffael's when I tried them.

      2. I'm not sure if it's still open this time of year, but one real local-color spot that has good fried seafood is the Hingham Lobster Pound, in neighboring Hingham. They've got excellent fried clams. Note however that it's strictly take-out and you'll have to eat in your car.

        1. Not as fancy as Bridgeman's but with more local flavor, from the waitstaff to the fried clam platters, is Schooner's. It's almost next door to Bridgeman's and has all the NE classics like baked schrod, stuffed quahogs and fried clams.

          1. Interesting, my post from yesterday was deleted for some reason, but I'll try again. Bridgemans would probably be my first choice for lunch, but if you're looking for something more casual, Schooners is great. The dining room is a throw back to the 70s but you probably won't notice it once you dig into their fried clams. They also put together a nice scampi pizza. Avoid the Red Parrot, unless you just stop for drinks. They have amazing views but the food has gone way down hill. DiNero's in Cohasset is another good lunch spot, but no water views.

            1. This helps alot! Thanks everyone for all the suggestions