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Oct 30, 2007 06:22 PM

Hot Artichoke Dip recipe using Cream, No Mayo?

I've been asked to make a hot artichoke dip that does not contain mayo. My friend thought there'd be recipes using cream instead. Anyone have such a recipe?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I've never made any of these recipes but they are the best user rated hot artichoke dips: and One of them includes a small amount of mayo but I'm sure you can replace it with sour cream with no adverse effects. The other includes crab which I'm sure could be excluded. Good luck in cooking.

    1. just curious, why no mayo, but cream?

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        I would like to try some new ones, too. The last one with mayo was so greasy.

        1. re: SAnativegirl

          maybe ratios were off. what recipe did you use?

        2. re: alkapal

          because mayo is made with egg, which lots of people, like me, are extremely allergic to, and its a real bummer when you can't have things you love thus we find an alternate method.

        3. I have a tried and true recipe that does not use mayo- it does rely heavily on cheese. yay!
          1 8oz cream cheese
          1.5 cups of shredded italian blend (or 3/4 C ea. mozz. and parm)
          4 or 6 oz goat cheese (doesn't have to be exact)
          1 small onion diced
          2 cloves garlic minced
          1 can artichoke hearts diced (want chunky? use 2 cans)
          s&p to taste

          mix together and bake at 350 until bubbly and slightly brown. So easy.

          I typically don't use the marinated variety but a friend does and her recipe uses part of the marinade too... but hers uses mayo.

          1. I don't know the exact recipe, but I usually just throw frozen spinach, a package of cream cheese, a carton of sour cream, some shredded mozz, and some parm in bowl - add hot sauce if desired, pour into caserole or pie plate and bake. very yummy!

            1. Thanks, everybody. As to why no mayo, I really don't know. The one who asked me to do it was going to make it herself but was stretched too far and needed a hand. She said her friend suggested she make it with cream, no mayo, so that's what she asked me to do. I've eaten hot artichoke dip before but never made it myself. After reading all the recipes posted here and some on epi, I ended up using heavy cream, sour cream, garlic, artichokes, and lots of parm. Topped it with parm & paprika and will bake it up tomorrow, right before serving.

              Thanks again for your help. I'll bookmark this thread and try some of the others later. 'Tis the season for party apps!