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Oct 30, 2007 05:54 PM

21 Club or Four Seasons


Which would be better for a dinner with my mother: the 21 Club or the Four Seasons. She wants to have a fancy, suit and tie dinner to follow our theatre show.


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  1. I'd pick Four Seasons for a Mom.

    21 Club for a Dad.

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    1. re: BW212

      is 21 open? i read somewhere (maybe on CH) they were closed for renovations. How about Barbetta?

    2. The 21 Club requires a jacket and tie for dinner but you can go the jacket and tie route in any high end restaurant and feel perfectly "in style" with the other diners. Unless your Mom has specifically stated she wants 21 or 4S you could look at Daniel (maybe too romantic for a son/Mom dinner), Aureole, Picholine. Maybe you want to get some info on each and have her pick (and you pay).

      1. 4 seasons is prettier..........but i love the old charm of 21 and the steak diane is to die for......tour the wine cellar also.......

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        1. re: Loradio

          21 has got a better vibe than Four Seasons, true, but I love the Four Seasons too. In a pinch I'd choose 21.