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Oct 30, 2007 05:46 PM

Recommendations for sushi catering (or other ideas) in MSP/St. Paul area

I've been lurking around on the boards for awhile and finally have decided to post. My 30th b-day is coming up and I'm would love to have sushi, but I do not want to resort to buying it at the grocery store. Does anyone have recommendations of places that will prepare (I can pick up) a sushi roll assortment in the area of $150-$300?

I'm also not completely married to this idea; so if you have any ideas for food for about 12 people (I'll have the typical cheese, fruit trays, etc) but wanted to try something else.

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Happy birthday! Catered sushi sounds like a great party idea.

    I think there are one or two places in town that will do this. Rumor has it that the owners of Obento-Ya started out as sushi caterers - they probably still do this as well as running their gem of a restaurant.

    Give 'em a call and see what you can work out.


    Obento-Ya Japanese Bistro
    1510 Como Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

    1. My friends and I often have sushi parties. We make it ourselves. I think it is the best way to go and it is super easy. Fish from coastal seafoods and the rest from United Noodles. Maybe not what you are looking for, but a great alternative. And it is a lot of fun.

      1. Obento-Ya Japanese Bistro started out as a Shushi Catering org before they opened their Japanese Bistro Restaurant (VERY GOOD and a MUST TRY spot!) at Como Ave S. and 15th Ave. Great Sushi!!

        In the meantime, their catering business is online at:

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          As AnneInMpls stated first, Obento-Ya is a great place to start with. You should definitely try it out first, and judge for yourself. You can order a 12 pc sushi meal with all the fixins for about $13, or you can order one by one according to your taste and agenda. Everyone I've known to date has liked the Sushi offerings a lot so...the decision is up to you to try it out! Again, try out their sushi catering org at

          Best wishes!

        2. Wow - you all are the greatest! I will definitely give Obento-Ya a call tomorrow! Thanks so much!

          1. It's no longer obvious from their website, but I remember announcements at Coastal for sushi trays if you order ahead. Perhaps give the Minneapolis store a call?

            2330 Minnehaha Ave S.
            Minneapolis, MN

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              I know that Saji-Ya has party trays...check out their website to find out pricing. I believe that fits into your budget.