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Oct 30, 2007 05:35 PM

Chowhound moving to Asheville

hi everyone!
We are about to make a move up to the Asheville area and I am looking to get some advice on how to best discover the city-through food of course. What are some places that are your favorites? Are there any great not to be missed deals? What are your favorite grocery stores? Any Asian markets, or other specialty food stores? Where do you get the best seafood?
We are actually moving to Marshall. It doesn't look like much there (and it's dry!), but does anyone know anything good out that way?

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  1.'ll be driving to Asheville(30min), Hot Springs (25 min) or Weaverville(20 min) to go out to eat. The only supermarket in town is an Ingles but at least you'll have a large selection of organic items and good meat. It is a large store - comprable in size to a Kroger - probably 65K sq feet and only built about 5 yrs ago.
    Seafood, you'll probably have to drive to the Ingles on Merrimon Ave., Earth Fare or Greenlife in Asheville
    There are a couple of Asian markets in Asheville. I used to like the one on Tunnel Road across from the DMV but I think the quality has declined. I now thing the one off 19/23/(patton Ave) near Sam's club is better. There is also a Russian store off Patton as well as many stores that sell Hispanic/Latin goods.
    Lots and lots of great restaurants in Asheville - just search here.
    In Hot Springs - Mountain Magnolia Inn
    In Weaverville - Stoney Knob for Sunday brunch, weekday lunches and dinners
    North Star Diner for B,L,D
    Well Bred Bakery
    Blue Mtn Pizza
    Mike's for burgers

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      I second Stoney Knob; we eat Saturday lunch there about 3 weekends out of the month; haven't been for dinner, but we're looking forward to maybe having my husband's company Christmas dinner there. Where is Mike's, and what makes their burgers so great? Since we are in the NW Asheville area, Weaverville is not too far away to go for good burgers.

    2. Leahinsc hit on many of the offerings. There is also Amazing Savings (locations in Asheville near Biltmore Vlg & on Hwy 70 towards Black Mt.) Their selection varies each visit, but the prices really are amazing. (I have relocated, but still hit them every time I'm nearby!) Strong natural foods/organic selection in Asheville. Limited fresh/frozen selection, but very well worth checking out. There are many seasonal farmers markets and the year round state market just south of I-40. Check the freebie literature racks in the front hallway at Earth Fare (Westgate). There are brochures for the local/sustainable farm tours held in spring. Also an Appalachian farm guide with locations/hours/offerings. Many CSA opportunities. If you like trout, Sunburst is near Waynesville (sort of) and is a nice drive. They have fresh trout, roe, smoked trout - all from their location. They are good people & very committed to providing a great product. The Asian markets are small, but have most of the more frequently used items. More of a Chinese/Japanese focus, less of Indian/SE Asian & Korean focus.There is also a Fresh Market north on Merrimon & the Ingles across the street from it is consequently a bit better than some of the other Ingles in town. Hickory Nut Gap is a local producer. They have fantastic breakfast sausage among other things. Earth Fare carries some of their items & they are open for customers south of Asheville around Fairview.
      The Hispanic markets keep getting more interesting each year. There is a cheese store on Merrimon between Asheville & Weaverville. They supply many restaurants/groceries in the area. They have a moderate selection (of household size) and can get you most anything but often in a much too large size. Their name starts with an "F", located on the West side of the road, south of Stephens Upholstery. If your culinary leanings go towards Carribean or African, there is not much grocery-wise in the area, so bring your own! The Grove Arcade has a few interesting but small foodie places. If you like to forage for mushrooms, there is a very active mushroom club that met at the WNC Nature center. Enjoy your new home!

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        The cheese place is Ference Cheese.They supply the majority of the (good) restaurants in town.