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Oct 30, 2007 05:16 PM

Essex Clamfest results

The competition was decided in two ways: a judges’ vote and a popular vote, with separate distinctions given for each. In the end, the judges gave the nod to Ipswich Clambake while the masses decided that Kelly’s Roast Beef slung their favorite chowder.

Periwinkles of Essex garnered second place honors from both the judges and the populace. The Windward Grille was awarded third place by the popular vote. And what would Clamfest be without a mention of Woodman’s? The Essex seafood mainstay took home third prize from the judges.

Just wanted to enter this into the "public record"

121 Main St, Essex, MA 01929

Ipswich Clambake Co
196 High St, Ipswich, MA

74 Main St, Essex, MA 01929

Kelly's Roast Beef
165 Endicott St, Danvers, MA 01923

Windward Grille Restaurant
109 Eastern Ave, Essex, MA 01929

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  1. Oh for goodness sake. Where have I been? Did this happen last week-end?

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    1. re: Gio

      Yeah, this was a tough one to track.

      I just happened to catch it out of the corner of my eye in the Boston Globe events insert. The promotion was haphazard. A google search showed me lots of results from the prior fests. I managed to find information for this year's fest on the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce site.

      The Saturday started *very* cloudy but mid-day was passable.. I couldn't get anyone on the phone so I did not make the trip (from Concord). I still do not know if it took place on Sat or rain date (Sun).

      1. re: neil

        I'll have to keep alert for this event next year. Marking my calendar now.
        I'm guessing it takes place the same week-end - more or less. Do you know if all the restaurants converge in one place? Or do diners go to each restaurant location??

    2. Periwinkle's has good chowder and a nice view, especially if you get one of the tables on the deck over-looking at the river.

      1. Well... wouldn't you know.... I missed this clam festival again! It was held this past Saturday, the 25th. Since Saturday was my birthday I had other things on my mind, not that I'm counting or anything. I just read that David Leite was the judge this year.
        Did anyone go??

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        1. re: Gio

          Gio-- This year's was fantastic! The weather was chilly, making those cups of warm chowder taste even better! David Leite was a guest judge.

          2008 Essex Clamfest Results:

          Judges Choice:

          1. Kelly’s Roast Beef
          2. Periwinkles Restaurant
          3. Lobsta Land

          Popular Vote:

          1. Tom Shea’s
          2. JR’s Route 22
          3. Periwinkles Restaurant