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Oct 30, 2007 05:03 PM

Wine, pate, Frenchie style in Pasadena?

I'm looking for a French-style or flat-out-French restaurant in Pasadena that has pate. Preferably a quieter place (not Beajoulais, which I love but it is deafeningly loud), and something nice with a good wine selection. I was going to go to Vertical, but they no longer have the wonderful pate they used to carry.

Any other suggestions? Places I do not want to go to are 750ml (terrible) or Mike & Anne's (only because I was there recently).

Clare K.

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  1. You may be out of luck in Pasadena; however, I'm pretty sure they have a pate on the menu at La Vie, in Rosemead.

    1. What about Bistro de la Gare in South Pas? not sure about the pate bu they are frenchie.

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      1. re: echo eater

        Bad experiences overall at bistro de la gare... :)(

        1. re: Clare K

          Would be interested in you Bistro dela Gare experience, did you blog it?

          1. re: rantsnravesnreviews

            No, I didn't. Just inconsistent overall and service is spotty...