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Oct 30, 2007 05:01 PM

Monday Night B-Day Dinner - in WeHo (or near)

My boyfriend's birthday is on Monday and his mom is taking us out to dinner. He loves Italian, but we are flexible and open to other options (except sushi - mom doesn't like). I think we've been to all the usual suspects in the area and am running out of ideas! Nothing too crazy expensive (since his mom is treating). My treat to him is dinner at Craft on Friday night...although I'm a little suspect since the reviews are so mixed. Is Cut a better choice? I know this is 2 topics :-)

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  1. Hmm, my favorite Italian is Angelini Osteria, and next will be Il Pastaio (I usually always get their lobster linguine so I can't speak for the other dishes hehe :P)

    If you don't mind driving to Sawtelle/West LA you can give Orris a try, it's not too expensive. I just went recently and really loved it :P (


    Now, I've been to Craft and I thought it was pretty good. Not as good as its Dallas counterpart, but not bad at all. It might depend on what you order ... my favorite part of the dinner was the ice cream and sorbet sampler though :)

    1. For the dinner with your boyfriend's mom, I suggest Pane e Vino on Beverly. It is reasonably priced and the patio is a beautiful spot. I just had dinner there last Saturday night for a family celebration. We love Italian and were going to go to Angelini Osteria, but decided on Pane e Vino, because it is a bit cheaper. We really loved all the dishes and the service. All of the pastas we had were flavorful and reasonably priced (around $15 a dish) and they have a grapa menu for after dinner drinks, which made the perfect ending to the evening. The wine menu had a decent amount of selection by the glass. Overall, great spot for family...romantic and casual, yet reasonably priced with good food. Can't beat that! :)

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        i second the rec for pane e vino. good food, great ambience...although the patio is a better choice for romance than dinner with mom ;)

        other thoughts:
        chaya brasserie
        asia de cuba

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          I third the recommendation for Pane e Vino (great for dinner with parents) and second the recommendation for Chaya (even better) but I would advise against Asia de Cuba--they are all about sharing plates and when plates are $30-$50, things get out of control faster than Britney Spears at an open bar.

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