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Oct 30, 2007 04:28 PM

Dairy-free Bakery in OC

My birthday is coming up and unfortunately I cannot eat dairy (my baby is allergic to dairy protein), and I want my birthday cake! I haven't had much luck finding a bakery in the Irvine area (but I am willing to drive) that is willing to make a dairy-free cake for me. I've already tried Whole Foods (they have vegan cakes but they're tiny and expensive!) and the bakery at Gelsons. Is there a vegan bakery around here that I'm not aware of, or maybe a bakery that accommodates people with allergies? As a last resort I guess I can make myself a cake, but I'm not the best baker. :(

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Non-dairy cakes are pretty forgiving. Repost to the Home Cooking board if you need some suggestions.

    1. There is a place called the Sensitive Baker in Culver City. I think they accomodate any allergy or dietary requirement.

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        yes, the sensitive baker is completely dairy-free AND gluten-free.

      2. Leda's Bakeshop in Sherman Oaks has amazing vegan items. I think they need advance notice for cakes, though.

        1. Try Cream Pan in Tustin - they make dairy free bread, I think. Perhaps, they can make a cake that way, too. Their croissants are the bomb!

          1. Thanks for the replies! I did some more research and found a kosher (pareve) bakery in Costa Mesa by the name of Sunflour Bakery. They make cakes and cupcakes so I'll probably stop by soon to sample their work.

            Sunflour Natural Bakery
            2950 Grace Ln, Costa Mesa, CA