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Oct 30, 2007 03:55 PM

TODAY ONLY (10/30) - Mission Pie pumpkin pie at Tues Berkeley Farmers Market

It is WONDERFUL !!! Truly the best pumpkin pie I've had. They are selling it by the piece ($3) or a whole pie (??).

Also one day only People's Grocery has some wonderful peppers for $2 lb - pimento, sheep nose, apple, Yolo wonder, gypsy, Italian sweet and hot ancho ... real beauties.

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  1. I'm glad you got to try it. I seem to remember you saying you hadn't made it to Mission Pie yet. I was just at the restaurant this weekend -- the store has been so successful that the farm was able to buy a (used) combine.

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      and they're expanding into the space on 25th and mission that has been housing southern exposure. a slice of their plum/almond tart made a wonderful very, very late breakfast today.

    2. I couldn't figure out, or understand the answer from the pie-selling lady, whether this was a standard offering from Mission Pie or if they baked something special out of some organic pumpkins the Ecology Center had lying around?

      The pie was pretty darned good. Organic everything "except for the butter", they said. Whole wheat crust with a nice whole-wheat tang. Very subtle spicing, no taste of molasses at all. Real clear taste of pumpkin coming through.

      Whole pies were $18 and I would have bought one if I'd had that much left in my pocket.