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Oct 30, 2007 03:45 PM

Plate Lunch In Waikiki

Anyone know where I can get a plate lunch in Waikiki? Walking distance from the Hilton.

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  1. check the international marketplace, way in the back there is a food court. there are also some places in the Waikiki Shopping Plaza in the basement and i think on the 2nd or third floor. havent been there in a while but that would be the second place to check. Have to say, you might consider finding your way up to Rainbow Drive-In, it is a bit far to walk, but not a bad cab ride.

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      I'd go to rainbow , if it is too far to walk you can take the bus, it runs right near it if not by it from Waikiki. Get a transfer slip when you get on, and you will have two hour to make a return trip.

    2. from hilton it might be easier to get to ala moana center, there is a food court, but there is also a zippys in the lower floor of sears.

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      1. re: KaimukiMan

        There's also an L&L in the parking garage.

      2. Take the trolley to Ala Moana Fish market-go to Halai's stand and order up whatever local grinds in case-broke da mouth!

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        1. re: UES Mayor

          UES Mayor, Is the Ala Moana Fish market at the Ala Moana Center? And, can't find anything when I google Halai's. More info please and thank you....

          1. re: parisbully

            I think it's Haile's if I remember correctly...I could be wrong? It's located in the Ala Moana Farmer's Market on Kaheka? I'm doing this from memory...It's connected to Marukai on the Ewa end of the parking lot right across the Ward's Warehouse.

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              In the Ward Warehouse shopping center-west of Ala Moana Shopping Center-there are several food stands inside market-this is across the street from Ward Warehouse. You will enjoy!!

              1. re: UES Mayor

                One of my favorite place to have chicken katsu was at that specific L&L stand inside of the Ward's Warehouse. Almost couldn't finish it because it was so large with the mac salad and rice. Also tried some appetizers from the Korean stall next to it which was kind of tasty. Speaking of L&L, the one located inside of the Walmart on Keeaumoku St. had some halfway decent lau lau plate lunch with lomi lomi salmon and rice. Not all L&Ls are the same but these two stood out in my food memory bank.

          2. Both recommendations by Kaimukiman and UES Mayor are very good. Waikiki isn't known for local plate lunches but on the outskirts in Kapahulu and Ala Moana are good places to look. I like Kakaako Kitchen near the Ward Center or maybe even the L&L's at the Ward Warehouse is pretty reasonable and good. I'd shy away from Zippy's though...not my cup of tea. If you're really into authentic plate lunches, then you'll need to venture into the industrial or business districts where the lunch trucks park. Don't know if Tsukenjo's Red Lunchwagon is still there on Queen St?

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            1. re: Clinton

              Still there I saw it yesterday and wanted to stop! I like the sign they have posted that it's o.k. to park there because the furniture store is generous about that but please don't stay parked and eat!

              1. re: manomin

                Facing the beach from the Rainbow tower, go right along the shore on the Pearl Harbor side, pass the wooden barrier for the construction site, and you will find a lunch wagon right at the end of your very short walk. You can probably see it as your feet first touches the sand from the pool area.

                1. re: cookstr

                  wow, I forgot there was a lunchwagon there. do you happen to know what time they set up/leave cookstr? nice to know there is still that touch of local kine Hawaii still in Waikiki.

                  1. re: KaimukiMan

                    Is it still Hula Dog? I used to love their roast pork plate.

                  2. re: cookstr

                    cookstr, Thanks. Like the sound of that, nice and close. We are in the Ali tower.