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Oct 30, 2007 03:38 PM

Minados in Natick? How is it?

I have been asked to go to Minado's in Natick with a friend, however it is an hour and a half drive.

Is it worth it?
This is a lunch my friend and I have once a week, each picking a place each time, this is her turn and she picked Minado I have never been there and wanted a heads up.

She is a a huge and I mean huge fan of buffets and I know some are really bad but I still go. Toughts?

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  1. Pretty good for mass produced sushi. They will make hand rolls to order, only put out a bit at a time and have a dozen or more sushi chefs making things. I never had the hot buffet as it is pretty ordinary but the salads are pretty good. If you want to gorge on maki rolls, don't mind getting up for your food and don't mind eating in a barn, it is decent. Oh they have desserts too but I wasn't impressed.

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      Well I have learned when it is my friends turn to pick, she always, and I mean always picks buffets. I think it is because she likes to try a lot of different things. I do not mind most of them, some I have actually really liked, A LOT. but there have been some (a recent breakfast one comes to mind) that were so awful they made me cringe. She never seems to mind though. Thank you for the input, I love hand rolls, and hope they will make me some with Eel, or spicy tuna.

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        I LOVE the cookies! :) Sushi good too :)

      2. The sushi is not up to par with Mikaku, Oga, Fugakyu, Zipango or Oiishi but it's better than average. Not inventive, but fresh and plentiful. The rest is average.and plentiful.