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Oct 30, 2007 03:25 PM

Post-Opera Dining

Looking for suggestions for after the opera. We are going to a performance at the Opera Bastille. I know Bofinger is nearby and it is high on the list in spite of mixed reviews. Does anyone know if we can get to Dome du Marais from the Bastille before closing? (Opera ends around 10:15 or so)

Thanks in advance

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  1. I would allow approx 15/20 mins to walk between the two. I do walk reasonably quickly and I know my way around the Marais quite well.

    1. From what I've gathered from walking past Le Dome du Marais on numerous occasions after the opera, they are ending their dinner service by then. I would do Bofinger despite the so so food. There is always a good post opera buzz there. Try to get a table on the main floor rather than the claustrophobic upstair. Or take the metro and head for Chez Denise if it is not on a Saturday.

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        Thanks, I figured as much. I will Just have to find another night to get to Le Dome. We will enjoy the ambience in Bofinger and stick to what they do well.