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Best Bakery Selections in Asheville?

I'm planning an event where I need dessert for about 75 people, and my idea is to get a selection of cakes, pies, brownies, etc. from various bakeries across Asheville. Basically I'm looking for the best place to go for each dessert... even if it means driving around. I'd prefer to stay in Asheville and not the surrounding areas. I appreciate your advice!

What are your recommendations for best...
cookies - oatmeal, chocolate chip, and peanut butter
carrot cake
strawberry cream or strawberry cake
red velvet cake (I know, it's a guilty pleasure)
pound cake
anything else that you love and would recommend!


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  1. If you'd consider mixing in truffles and other chocolates, I heartily recommend The Chocolate Fetish on Haywood. They have a site: www.chocolatefetish.com. As for baked goods, I saw a line out of The Sisters McMullen on Saturday afternoon, that's always a good sign. Their site is: www.thesistersmcmullen.com. There's already a few baked good threads that could give you more ideas. Poke around and good luck!

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      oh, I do love the Chocolate Fetish... great suggestion... yum...

    2. Chocolate Chip Cookies - Sunny Point
      Carrot Cake - Laughing Seed (not sure if they sell whole ones or not)
      Red Velvet - Cupcake
      Bear Claw, Cream Puff - City Bakery
      Ginger Florentine Cookie - Greenlife (pricey)

      1. cookies - Well Bred - Weaverville
        brownies and cookies - the ones they sell at Sanctuary of Stuff and Greenlife by a local baker - the brownies and cookies are amazing
        Carrot Cake - the carrot cake place on Merrimon in Woodfin in the strip of shops

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          Is THAT why Earth Fare and Greenlife have some of the same baked goods? What is Sanctuary of Stuff?

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            Hey Danna, SOS (Sanctuary of Stuff) is a cool, hodge podge of consigned, art, crafts, antiques, collectibles, furniture, handmade lace, jewelry....
            If you make a left off Merrimon onto Woodfin at the Food Lion it is next to a recycling place.
            Have you been to Screen Door on Fairview Road? It is similar but I think better and less expensive.

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              I once worked at EF. One of their old bakers hired on at Greenlife when they opened in Asheville - that is where the duplication of recipes comes from!

          2. I love, love, love Carolina Mountain Bakery in the Skyland Crest shopping center, next to Luella's Barbecue. I'm not big on doughnuts, but their glazed are the best I have ever tasted-they virtually melt in your mouth. WAY better than any Krispy Kreme. As far as anything else, I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so I wouldn't know, although I have heard that Picnic's on Merrimon has wonderful cakes and pies.

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              I would check with City Bakery on Biltmore Ave for a lot of the things you're looking for. I overheard their pastry chef talking to some customers and they sound as if they're capable of doing anything. Danna is right, their Bearclaws and Eclairs are excellent (they use real french pasty cream and pate a choux) but my friend had some things from City Bakery that they don't always have at the store like a killer tiramisu and everything there is scratch. However, the best poundcake in Asheville is at Cakes by Jane.

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                does Cakes by Jane have a storefront?

                BTW, i know the OP said they didn't want to leave Asheville, but in a discussion of pastry, I must add that Flat Rock Village Bakery has the best of *you fill in the blank* that you've ever had. Scones, muffins, danish type, croissant, etc. One of the owners used to bake at City Bakery, which has now become my 2nd favorite bakery.

                Slug, have you tried the apple ricotta thing at City? I wish I had a cup of Velvet Hammer and one of those right now.

            2. can't wait to try the recommendations... thanks!

              1. Sister McMullen Cupcake Corner on the corner of Biltmore Ave, right next to Salsas is super yum, they are so much more than just cupcakes!!!

                1. I have been unimpressed by the cupcakes at Sisters McMullen at Pack Square. Cupcakes were stale on both occasions, icing was terrible. Bread pudding was close to inedible.

                  I got a birthday cake from City Bakery over the weekend, and it was excellent -- moist and sweet (but not cloying).

                  Anybody been to Sugar Mama's on Walnut? I hear their concept is that they bake your cookie to order. You place your order, then they pop the dough into the oven and, voila!, you have a hot cookie. This sounds too good to be true. Can anyone confirm or will I have to do some reconnaissance this week?

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                    I went to Sugar Mama's not understanding what the drill was. Had not ordered in advance. They had 3 or 4 cookies in the case. I bought one. It was extremely forgettable. Of course hot could make ALL the difference. Like a Krispy Kreme.

                    I've never had a bad cupcake from Sisters McMullen. I don't like the cakes at City Bakery, although I like many of their other items. I think we must be cake-opposites.

                    I discovered Well Bred Bakery in Weaverville this weekend and was favorably impressed.

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                      Yes Danna the apple ricotta danish rocks. I really like their velvet hammer but the other coffee choices aren't my favorites. Cakes by Jane does have a small storefront off of Riverside Drive just above the 19/23/26 interchange. I guess that would be Woodfin, maybe? I think Sisters McM has that "icing from a tub" texture thing going that leaves a film on your mouth. I know City Bakery and Well Bred use real buttercream frosting. Also, Well Bred is a nice little spot. I agree about Sugar Momma's from the case but I had one that had been delivered to a friend and it was excellent when warm. And, tomorrow I'll think I'll stop at Krispy Kreme if the light's on, thanks to you!

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                        Glad I could help!

                        I went jeans shopping at lunch, telling the chick "26" appears to have been overly optimistic. Scrolling through my posts on this thread, I think maybe I see why. The next time I pass Sisters McMullen, I'll just chant "icing from a tub, icing from a tub." Could you please say something bad about their whoopie pies as well?

                        Maybe somebody could start a thread about the best place to buy lettuce in Asheville. (Russian lady at Greenlife tailgate market gets my vote.)