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Oct 30, 2007 02:45 PM

Sunday Brunch - Breakers vs. Biltmore

For Thanksgiving, my husband and I are planning an outing with my parents and his parents. I thought either the Breakers ($85) or the Biltmore ($65) would be a nice place to celebrate an special adult-only holiday. I'd prefer to go to the Breakers because we live in Miami and could make a golf or sight-seeing outing out of heading up to WPB. BUT $85 is about $60 more than I think I can eat. Is this really worth it? Is the Biltmore as nice and at least priced for this planet?

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  1. I've never had brunch at the Breakers, but the Biltmore brunch is just about the best meal I've ever had. Completely over-the-top decadent, and well worth the price if you come hungry, stay for a while, and drink enough mimosas.

    1. Last time I was at the biltmore over a year ago the food was not great.

      1. I would say yes, the Biltmore is worth the high price. The food is so varied with lots of surprises....and it's just such a nice special occasion daytime place to go. The only thing that I was disappointed in were the desserts which were just OK and not as varied. But the ambiance was great....nice live lowkey Latin guitar music going on....and the 3 tall iced Cuban coffees with condensed milk that I had were alone worth $65!

        1. The best part of brunch at the Biltmore is walking around the grounds after you eat. . .and boy, you will eat, and it will be beautiful. :-)

          1. The original comment has been removed