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Oct 30, 2007 02:44 PM

Anyone been to Mariscos Tampico on N. Lamar?

A native Mexican that works with me recommends Mariscos Tampico for good interior Mexican seafood dishes, any hounds have thoughts / impressions of this place?

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  1. I'll soon be trying the restaurant of the same name on South Pleasant Valley, although I'm not sure if the two places are run by the same people. I'm fairly sure that both restaurants are unconnected to the Marisco Grill on Burnet Road ( ).

    Here's a link to their website:


    And one to a Spanish-language article about the restaurant:

    I don't have any firsthand knowledge of their chow yet, but I look forward to hearing your report, professor_ted. Maybe you can also let us know what your co-worker likes there?

    1. If it's the in the indoor flea market, sorta across the street from Chuys, yes. They mainly serve mexican style seafood cocktails. I had a large, it was enough to feed 3 people, ran around $14.00.

      1. Is this the fairly new looking place a couple of doors down from Thanh Nhi, just south of Rundberg? I went there yesterday for lunch, and now the exact name of the place is escaping me (shame on me!). Anyway... had a mixed seafood caldo, which was terrific... deep red broth with pleasant spiciness, full of shrimp, a full cross-cut section of fish, and a half of a crab. Literally everything on the menu was seafood-oriented. Can't wait to go back and try some other dishes. And bring your Spanish skills... my waitress spoke zero English.

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          I'm pretty sure the restaurant you are referring to has a different name (or has moved). the one next to Thanh Nhi has opened in just the last few months, not at the time of the original post.

          I too have been to the palce next to Thanh Nhi. I went by myself so I didn't get to sample much. I had a campachene (sp?) and it was pretty good with lots of oysters and shrimp then a mixed diced seafood plate covered with cheese that wasn't too good. Lots of seafood choices for sure. More investigations is needed.

          1. re: Carter B.

            That's La Mojarra Feliz. I had a just "okay" experience there, but it was on a Monday night.

            Marisco's Tampico is directly across the street from Chuy's, set back from the road quite a bit, and hooked on to this flea market type place.

            It doesn't look inviting from the road, but I just did a google search on it and looked at their website. I thought "surely this website can't be that restaurant," but it is. If the food is half as good as what it looks like on the site....

            "Mariscos Tampico Restaurant offers a variety of lunch and dinner items. When it comes to lunch, we provide shrimp soup, crab fish soup, and red soup—all seafood soups come with bread. We also offer parrillaza deniremilisco, which is 1 fillet of catfish and squid. It’s cooked on the grill and comes with onions, pineapples, and peppers—majarela cheese is placed on top. Chepino is available, as well. And, when it comes to dinner items, our restaurant features seafood soup, parrillaza deniremilisco, and shrimp cocktail."

            Chepino = Ciopppino?


        2. I went a couple years ago and it was good. Great lunch prices and a killer seafood soup

          1. Just to set everyone straight geographically:

            The original post refers to Mariscos Tampico, located by the Crocket Center (where the gun show, record swap, etc. happens) at 10601 N Lamar.

            La Mojarra Feliz, mentioned by rudeboy, is located in the old Ba Le building, at 8624 N Lamar.

            Went to Thanh Nhi for lunch today and saw the third place (mentioned by jwynne and Carter). It is called Mariscos Los Jarochos. It is 2 doors down from Thanh Nhi, in the same spot where the Mongolian BBQ used to be.