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Oct 30, 2007 02:39 PM

Looking for mellow pub/bar for group of friends (east of hollywood to Highland park)

My boyfriends birthday's this week and I wanted to take him and a few of our friends out to a bar to get drinks. We're not planning to have any sort of drunken dancing or ragers--I'm looking for something mellow and nice, pretty on the inside. Preferably not too full of jocks watching sports on a big screen or a super loud hipster bar either or really anything too janky or divey.

I love the look of Edison's in downtown, but the crowd....gross. Cha Cha is too loud. I just wish I could find a nice bar that is cool to look at from the inside.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Does he like pirates?

    Redwood Bar & Grill
    316 W 2nd St Ste 202, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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    1. re: avena

      Oh, that's the name of this bar! I was trying to figure out where I went to a few weeks back.. thanks. THis sounds good. I'd still like more ideas--its always good to have a list of nice places for the future.


      1. re: beefleef

        Haha...Too much grog will do that to ya... =P

      1. re: echo eater

        Thanks, this is a really nice looking bar. I saw photos of it on flickr:

        Like the high ceilings

      2. The YORK
        is a great place to eat and drink!!!
        Lots of great beers, some noce wines by the glass.
        I love the burger (just not the pickled onions...eeew...give me a pickle, give me some onions...just don't pickle my onions)
        Great mellow crowd of people who just want to enjoy a good drink in a relaxed place with good food.
        Oh, if they have any COBBLER-related object, order it!!! The peach cobbler rocks!